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Watch out for Newegg's Marketplace

Newegg-proper is still OK, but ...

Major problems with the Newegg Marketplace. If you get cheated in Newegg Marketplace, Newegg won't help. You're on your own. Newegg is not Amazon.

Quoting their policies they told me:
"The product was sold and shipped directly by the seller. Newegg is simply a platform."

So now they're just a "platform" to send products and wash their hands of them. I thought people buy from Newegg because they offer service and assurance that things will be OK. If I got a rock in a box, not just open-boxed used goods pre-configured with someone's random password, and with missing parts, I wonder if they'd still just be a 'platform.'

Yes, Newegg is selling on behalf of other sellers, and this is not new.

I know exactly what multichannel selling is. eBay and Amazon both has proesses in place for this. You are not forced to send emails to seller and pray to God you get some sort of resolution. I did not get what I ordered. They're saying "tough luck, that's your problem, go contact the seller."

Really? Is that eggsellent service? So all the branding of Newegg goes away in my mind, unless you tread carefully and only order from Newegg. If you order from the Marketplace, well, might as well just buy it from any shady dealer because you have no dispute escalation process and they claim they're just a 'platform.'

So if you're not ordering from Newegg Marketplace, they're probably still OK. But if it's not Newegg, you'd best stick with Amazon, where they actually have a system in place for resolutions and maintain some level of customer service for items they don't fulfill. Not emails and prayer.

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