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Great Service

I ordered a bed and was so pleased, I got rid of the awful one John Lewis sent me and ordered a second one from Matressman. I can't fault their service


Store staff great - rest is shambolic

I was overjoyed when I discovered that we could now order bikes etc through the Cycle to Work Scheme on line as I get cashback on online orders. Fruitless days of effort trying to order online later, i call up to be told that the system can only process the order if the order is to the precise penny in the voucher!

Then followed days of email and calls to get some of my order price matched - and I mean days. Finally I provide my order over the phone, ask them to deliver to the store - sit back and nothing happens.

Then follows another lot of calls when I finally discover that they did not tell me that I had to send my voucher off to Cycle to Work Scheme before they would release my order. For goodness sake, the order was going to be sent to the store - not some shady address!

Anyway I cycle to the store and hand my voucher in, the nice store man calls up the contact centre and they agree to have Finance have my order released so my bike would be on the van today - and well, nothing has happened. i find out after another lot of calls that Finance, whoever they are, need to be asked to release and oh no, they don't have a number I can call.

So basically, I have no cashback due to their crap system and no bike etc. I would love to cancel the order but, of course, the promotion that some of the stuff is under is no longer available. Come on Evans Cycles....

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