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Wouldn't buy from anyone else

I do a lot of internet shopping primarily because like most people, I appreciate the time and effort it saves me. Unlike a lot of their competitors, the VioVet team go that vital extra mile. Not only has everything I have bought from them to date been in stock, it has been at a highly competitive price and sent to me almost immediately, using in my opinion, the best delivery firm on the market today (DPD). I am selective about who I recommend but have no hesitation whatsoever in giving VioVet the credit they deserve.

Well done guys!



The company uses an inferior delivery firm who dumped all my goods in an open doorway in full view of the street. Requests to contact CHARLES HUNT, the Company's CEO fell on deaf ears - he is a man who clearly cares not one jot about customer care.

I was honest enough to let them know I have received the parcel (not everyone would have bothered!) and they have repaid me by refusing to deal with my complaint.

As far as the product quality is concerned, whoever writes the product descriptions needs waking up. They are absolutely nothing special. I have put in an order with Selfridges today - they deliver when they say they will, use a decent delivery firm and most importantly, THEY KNOW HOW TO TREAT THEIR CLIENTS!!!!!!!

UK Mail


OK let's dispel the myth straightaway - my parcel was NOT DELIVERED. It was a very large parcel in a bright white plastic bag and it was DUMPED by my front door in full view of anyone walking or driving past. It was only by sheer luck that I happened to be driving past my own house and saw two schoolchildren picking it up, doubtless to take it away. They dropped it and made off as soon as I pulled up. No thought of leaving my parcel with a neighbour of taking it away and leaving a card - they saw fit to take a massive risk with £110 worth of my money! Interestingly the driver revisited this morning and said - and I quote - "I am pleased you got the parcel because I was worried leaving it there". Hmm. Not worried enough to do anything about it. I am now not going to keep these goods. I plan to take my unopened parcel and DUMP IT in the street out side a UK Mail facility. It must be safe to do that musn't it, since it's following their own company policy!!!

Never used Double8 before - very happy to recommend them

Received my Green Day tickets this morning and am really pleased; my friend on the other hand ordered hers from Ticketmaster and is still waiting for them to arrive!!

Wells Poultry Ltd


Wells offers a huge product range that is particularly relevant to me, a novice chicken owner! The products themselves are clearly described so despite my inexperience, I can tell instantly if it is what I need. Delivery is lightning quick and the level of communication is just right - not so much that you feel harassed each time you venture into your Yahoo inbox, but not so little that you feel ignored. Having compared prices online, they are considerably cheaper than other companies and on every product I have bought from them to date, they have proved 10-15% cheaper than Ebay. I've been very impressed with them so far.

Glasses Direct

Online shopping at it's best

From the minute to decide to order, you feel as if you're in safe hands. The website is one of the easiest I know to navigate and if you do hit a snag the telephone representatives are supremely knowledgeable, especially on the subject of prescriptions. Massive choice of frames and lenses and there's a ridiculously fast turnaround : I ordered two pairs of glasses and they arrived within one week. And all done at a price I still find hard to believe.

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