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DFS Furniture

Sofas great but be warned if you order other furniture

Ok so when we think DFS we think sofas, however DFS has now gone in to selling other items of furniture too, like dining furniture and other living room furniture. Well as I had used DFS before and had a good service from them I had no problems in using them again to replaced my old sofa with a new one and while I was at it I thought I would order a Coffee table, TV stand and Highboard (sideboard) from their Heston range at a total cost of £1646 not including the 2 sofas. We paid the deposit but after a couple of days received a call from DFS asking us to pay for the other furniture items in full as these didn't come from their manufacturer it came from someone else. Ok at that we paid for these items in full this was back in February. So on 30th April when we arranged for delivery of the items we were excited to see our new sofas which are sitting happily in our living room. The other furniture which was delivered by a different company turned up later the same day and was all packaged up tightly and carefully removed from the lorry. The delivery drivers opened the packaging and straight away I noticed a problem, the TV stand had a huge split down the top of it. We checked the Highboard which had already been unpacked and noticed the a glass panel was chipped and at that I'd had enough. We didn't check the coffee table, all items were refused and sent on their not so merry way.
I contacted DFS straight away and this is where the problems continued, DFS have only just started using this manufacturer and don't know the procedure for complaints or refusals. So I had to wait days so that the local branch could speak to the head office and then the manufacturer and then we got a call from John Lewis who as it turns out are the ones who sell the furniture. So the manufacturer works for JL and DFS sell the items on their behalf (something like that) so back to the call, John Lewis said we would get new items and would receive a call in 2 weeks to arrange delivery. The call came and the items were due to be delivered today.
I received a call from the delivery driver because he recognised my order from the last time he came here. He had opened the TV stand to check it and low and behold it was exactly the same as the one we sent back with the huge split down the top of it.
I contact DFS who got straight on to it and called me back within 5 minutes to say the manufacturer doesn't work on Thursdays and Fridays so they will have to deal with it on Monday (don't work Saturdays and Sundays either by the looks of things).
So yet again I am without furniture for my living room with hasn't been used since the beginning of March. I have taken 2 days off work to be home to take delivery of these items and lost money. I have moved furniture to make room for the new items and I am 100% fed up with the whole poor service and quality.
I would warn any of you before jumping to order any of these items from DFS purely out of the inconvenience of having to deal with a 3rd party should something go wrong. I wouldn't use John Lewis as they sell expensive items of poor quality and at no point has anyone apologised or offered any form of compensation for my trouble.

I bought a dining room table solid walnut from Argos and you know what it was cheaper than one of these items and of better quality.
DFS you would of got a higher rating had it of not been another company letting you down or your after care procedures when dealing as a 3rd party.

Just and update on all of the above we received a call on Monday to say they will delivery the brand new items this Thursday (today) and they had made a mistake and delivered the damaged items again. Guess what the delivery company contacted me and told me they were exactly the same items again. THIRD TIME THEY HAVE SENT THE SAME DAMAGED GOODS. CANCELLED ORDER AND GETTING MY MONEY BACK WHAT A JOKE OF A COMPANY.

John Lewis

If I could rate them lower I would

Ok a bit complicated but basically I spent over £1600 on a Coffee table, TV stand and small sideboard from their Heston range, which I order from DFS but came from John Lewis. This order was placed back in February and we asked for a delay on delivery so we could decorate. The items were sent out 30th April and when they arrived the delivery drivers unloaded the carefully packaged items and proceeded to unpack them's. The TV stand had a big split down the wood, the glass in the display panel of the sideboard had a chunk missing from the corner and the finish of the wood on top was of poor quality and the coffee table I didn't even bother checking as I refused the whole order at this point.
The whole process from then on has been a nightmare as I am dealing with 3rd parties who have never experience this issue and don't know what to do and after many phone calls John Lewis phoned us directed and confirmed we would receive new furniture and delivery would be in 2 weeks. Its 17th May and our items were due for delivery today, however the delivery driver who recogised the order from last time decided to check it before coming all this way to deliver it, he checked the TV stand and low and behold it is exactly the same as the one we sent back with a huge split down the wood. So I told him we reject the lot.
I contacted DFS who were quick to chase the matter up but low and behold the manufacturer doesn't work Thursdays and Fridays so there is nothing that can be done.
I have taken 3 days off work (including the day I had to have off for the sofas we ordered). I have rushed home for the delivery time slot. I have moved furniture and other items to make room and yet again I have wasted my time and lost money. We haven't used our living room since March when we started decorating and are yet to sit in it.
This is not the my first experience with John Lewis either, I was shopping for items for my dining table and coasters for the coffee table. I picked up 6 place mats which when I took them to the till I noticed threads pulled on all of them and to add to which when you looked closely the colours were all slightly different at £3 per mat you expect more, I managed to buy the same items from ASDA for half the price and they were perfect in colour and condition. I was also looking at their natural wooden bowls and chopping boards which were very expensive but again showed the poor quality which I have witnessed throughout my experience with them, the items were all split.
When I used to think of John Lewis I used to think quality, expensive but you get what you pay for but now I think John Lewis are hiding tat behind a name which they will end up bringing down if they continue to try and fob customers off with the junk and poor craftsmanship that I have so far seen from them.
I would most definitely not recommend them to anyone, shop around you will find what you are looking for elsewhere for half the price and better quality like I did.


Re-reviewed after very poor service

I have mixed reviews about B&Q the online service I have recieved has always been good and this time has again been very good, prompt in dealing with my call and query and processed my order today quickly as I have an issue with delivery (can't get large lorries up my drive).

However what lets B&Q down is there in store staff and stock taking. I recently visited my local store - Erdington to pick up a lamp for my son's room and another lamp and light shade for my living room. There was only the display lamp available that I wanted but wanted to check if they had any others in stock. I waited over 10 minutes before someone came to help me (this is after a call had been put out on the shop floor). Eventually the man I spoke to who was unable to answer my query went off to find someone who could, they check and the computer showed they had some in stock but then had to wait while the items were found. The man came back to me and said it was probably best if he checked another store for me to collect my lamp from. My response well I was shocked I said I'm not travelling to another store when you are showing the items in stock here. He responded to say that even though the computer says they are in stock, they may not actually be in stock. They then found the lamps in store but they were high up in their storage rafters, this of course caused them and issue as they now had to find someone to find something to retrieve them, THIS A DIY STORE!!!!! Someone else came with a lifting devise and kindly got me a lamp down, what a very long process and shocking staff who don't seem to want to help.
The other issue I have is with the stock counting process, I recently went to order a set of drawers and bedside cabinet one of the items were not showing in stock a week later I tried again and this time I managed to reserve the items ready to collect but then I got a call to say that one of the items was not in stock and had been discontinued, I was asked if I still wanted to order the other item even though I would not have matching furniture I politely declined.
The stock issue seems to be a big issue with B&Q and when I have spoken to online staff they have said the same, just because its showing as in stock it may not be in stock. Don't offer an online reserve and collect service if you cannot commit to items being in stock.

So I ordered my drawers and bedside table and after a week of no one contacting me to arrange delivery I contacted B&Q who contacted the manufacturer direct who contacted me and said my items had been dispatched and I will receive a call within 48 hours to arrange delivery, again after no call I contacted B&Q who again contacted the manufacturer who chased things up and after lots of phone calls and blaming the delivery company B&Q checked the telephone number which they had on the system which was my old mobile number. Well you might say that isn't B&Q's fault, well at the time of placing my order on the phone the telephone number was taken and should of been updated but it wasn't and thus the very long wait and no compensation either.
Also the items that I ordered do not come with screw covers so you can see all of the screws in the side of the furniture which is the Mulberry bed collection. Very poor B&Q.


Very Pleased Great Service

I have always used Jessops for my camera needs. I have again used them to upgrade my Canon and I decided to use there reserve and collect service as my property is difficult to find. the item arrived a day early and I was contacted by Jessops by telephone and email to confirm my order had arrived and I collected my order no problems at all. The staff were friendly and also informed me of other offers which I took advantage of and bagged myself a cheap Canon battery again they rang me once my order had arrived. They were cheaper then elsewhere (discounted grey imports) but I know exactly what I'm buying and have a 12mth warranty.


Excellent Service

I have used this company twice now to buy mattresses from them and each time I found them cheaper than elsewhere and the item was delivery very prompt and within days. My only issue would be that you do not email or contact customers to announce when the item will be delivered as you state on your order emails. Otherwise great very happy and would use you again.

Click 4 Beds

A bit of a nightmare which was eventually put right.

I ordered a Serene Milano Faux Leather Bed for my son and paid £20 for next day delivery (this seems to be standard). As promised the bed arrived, but all was not well, I asked the delivery driver if there was anymore boxes, I only received 3 and they didn't seem big enough for the bed, the driver said that was all and left. I emailed click 4 beds to confirm the boxes and 4 days later I received an email confirming that they had tried to contact me as I should of received 4 boxes not 3 (I didn't have any missed calls or messages). My order had been split and 1 box had been lost during transit which they were trying to locate.
I also noticed that one of the boxes didn't look correct and again they confirmed this to be true and said they would send the correct item out. I asked for a refund of my delivery costs which they kindly granted and to cut a long story short they did go out of their way to put things right and kept me informed of my missing item and the rest of the order. We can all reflect on the negative but its what we do to correct this that counts and they did correct it, it was just a shame that it happened in the first place and that I had to do a lot of chasing up, this is why I'm only rating 3 stars. However I would give them a second chance and use them again and they are a lot cheaper than elsewhere.

Outdoor World

Cheap and Good Service

I order a dog tethering line for when I go camping. The company offers the choice of either delivery or free pick up from the warehouse, the only problem is that they are situated in Warrington so this option was too far. However the order was processed quickly and the item was delivered within 48 hours. they are much cheaper than anywhere else even with delivery for the item I purchased. Very polite on the telephone too.


Fantastic Highly Recommend

After purchasing a High Sleeper Cabin Bed from them a few years ago (the whole experience from price to delivery was fantastic) we decided it was time for my son to have a new room and a bigger bed. We sold the cabin bed but in the process of taking it down a piece got broken, we contacted Mrsflatpacks to see if we could get a replacement part and how much it would cost, as they made the beds themselves this wasn't a problem. They even kindly sent the part for free and paid for the delivery. Talk about going that extra mile! You can't go wrong using Mrsflatpacks and believe me I have used a lot of bed and furniture companies to know a good one.

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