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They've lost my 5 year loyalty and now I am taking my business elsewhere! I go to the D&A (now Boots) opticians in Wakefield and the bad service all started at the beginning of this year... so they are lucky I stuck around so long.
They've chased me for appointments I'd already had; constant phone calls from various members of staff telling me I was due an appointment when I had been weeks before. I could have understood one phone call, but I kept speaking to the same people and explaining that I had just moved from the Leeds to Wakefield branch. Each time they reassured me the records would be updated, but days afterwards I would get the same phone call.
Letters saying my contact lenses would be put on hold, all because of the appointment I'd had but the staff were too incompetent to update my records.
And now at my last yearly check up it was sprung on me that my lenses were discontinued and was given a new trial pair. This trial pair were uncomfortable, too thick and sticky. So I called the opticians to explain this and they said they would send out a different pair... two weeks later and nothing had come. So I called again but there was no one available to speak to so they said they would call me back the next day - no phone call. So I called for a third time and the person on the phone didn't have a clue, I was left on hold for ten minutes. When she eventually came back I was told I would have to go in to get another pair and get my eyes sized.... I've been there 5 years and they have all that information. So basically they wanted me to travel to the store when all they had to do was post a pair of lenses.

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