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Utter Con

I am sorry this is not acceptable if you do a test run as though you’re going to purchase the item it makes no reference to the £59.95

If there isn't a law against it there should be-do you know of one? I'm thinking along the lines of complaining to Trading Standards as they will know the law.

When you click on the link (please see below) as I find it really sneaky,if not underhand, that I wasn't aware of the £59.99 charge until I telephoned them (after having the product over the 15 day trial) and they made reference to the terms and conditions on their web site and this was when I was made aware of it for the very first time.

So effectively I been stung to the tune of £59.99 x 2 due to them not making reference at any time to the T&Cs and believing that a "Trial" wasn't as really as described.

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