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Purchased a washer dryer July 2009, July 2010 it packed up working within a matter of days of the warranty running out (however, I lost 3days of my warranty as the items warranty started the day I bought it and not the 3days later I recieved it!) so therefore the warranty as far as I was aware should still be valid as the machine wasn't in use until I recieved it!
Curry's wouldn't assist in sorting the problem, Hotpoint were as bad and didn't rectify the problem, new washing machine purchased (from Comet & certainly not Hotpoint or from Curry's)
February my father retired and recieved off friends family and work colleagues, a number of currys gift cards. 1 of these cards was used 4 weeks ago to purchase a TV (which my parents were pestered about when in the store by the salesman) 4 weeks later after buying the TV they haven't recieved a phone call to say it is in store for their collection/to arrange a delivery.
Today they recieved a letter off Currys to say we hope you are enjoying your new TV! My response to them would be are you enjoying my money!
My mother went into the store today to speak to the Manager to get a refund (in cash) for the TV she was told 1) the manager was not in today and to come back tomorrow, 2) the tv isn't in store and 3) the TV they had purchased was end of line so they don't have any more!
So currently, Currys have benefitted from £500 of my Dad's birthday/retirement money in exchange for no TV and an absolutely appalling service! The salesman in question who sold them the TV came up to my parents 3 times in store whilst they were looking, as a family we do not tolerate being pestered when purchasing items. Then when they had chosen the TV the salesman tried to sell them the additional insurance of which my parents didn't want, as my father had walked off to another side of the store the salesman said to my mother that my father was wrong for not purchasing the additional insurance! Who is he to judge whether my father is right or wrong, he is the customer and the salesmans views on my father were bang out of order.
Shocking customer service Currys all round.

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