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You couldn't make it up!

Received notification from Parceforce that it was holding a parcel from the United States which needed customs charges to be paid before being released. I had been expecting this so duly went online and paid the charges and at the same time booked a delivery for approximately two weeks later as was due to be away in the meantime. On the day of the delivery I waited in all day delivery! Emailed them requiring an explanation. They replied stating they had not received the payment for the customs charges, this was despite me receiving an electronic receipt clearly showing that I had paid. But, not only had they not delivered the parcel they had also now processed it to be returned to the United States. Further contact with them subsequently revealed that there was no failsafe way of preventing the parcel from being returned to sender when the error was theirs, however, they would put a marker on their systems which would flag up the parcel as having a 'stop' put on it when it was further processed in their warehouse. Guess what? - that had no effect whatsoever and the parcel was returned to sender!
After more forthright emails to them advising them how unacceptable this level of service was my complaint was finally escalated to the MD's office. However, refunding of the original posting charges was only forthcoming after threats of legal action and on providing documentary proof of those charges. The sender then re-shipped the item from the United States and, in a gesture of sympathy for my experience at the hands of Parcelforce, posted the item 'expedited'. This had the unintended consequence of a higher customs charge than the original charge and Parceforce are refusing to pay this difference.
I experienced a shockingly poor level of service from Parcelforce - from their initial error to the complete and utter indifference of staff who could have acted decisevely to remedy the situation but chose not to, and only threats of legal action against them resulted in refunds of re-shipping postage costs and, despite the fiasco, they're not even willing to cover the difference in customs charges.
Unfortunately, Parcelforce is the default system of receiving many international parcels in the UK and so many customers have no choice but to accept such appalling experiences such as mine, and the others posted on here, but with any luck it's continuing abysmal performance will result in it being wiped off the face of the earth and replaced with something fit for purpose.

Good product range and very quick despatch

Good value accessories product range and, mostly, very quick despatch times. Have used several times and not had any issues. Would recommend.


One of the better online Chemists

Of the online chemists around at the moment Pharmacy2u is pretty good. It's close rival
whose name consists of the words chemist and direct is utterly dire.
Whilst Pharmacy2U may not be the cheapest, nor do they have the widest product ranges, they do accurately list availabilty of stock and their despatch times are good along with
good customer service which makes them stand out when compared to some of their rivals.


Very Poor Retailer

Ordered a leather Executive Chair. Item was delivered in battered, old, dirty packaging which was fully open at the top. This would usually indicate the item has been previously sold and returned, or at least, has been previously removed from it's packaging.
Complained via email that this was not acceptable and received a miserable reply bluntly stating that my 'unwanted goods' would be collected. No apology forthcoming.
Needless to say I will not be purchasing from Staples again. With the retail market in such a perilous state you would expect better from a multi-national chain. I can only hope such self-inflicted wounds result in this retailer consigning itself to history in the imminent future.

Wrong item received

Ordered 2 x Decks and 1 x Mixer package. They sent the wrong mixer entirely and an email requesting they sort it out remains unanswered after 24hrs. I'm sure they will sort out their error but, thus far, whilst their despatch times are impressive, I have little else to recommend about DJ Kit.

27 November 2013

Reply from

hi keefus,someone from our team will call you to retify this matter asap.We have recieved the email and will be in touch.apologies for the delay and mixer mix up.


Carphone Warehouse Fraudulent Practices on PAYG Sales

Carphone Warehouse have a nice little revenue generating fraud which they perpetuate on customers buying PAYG handsets who return them, or for whatever reason do not receive their orders. A customer buying a PAYG handset from Carphone Warehouse must also purchase an airtime bundle of £10 from a choice of providers. However, should you not be happy with your purchase and you return it you do not get refunded the £10 airtime. More seriously, if you are not in at time of delivery for an online order, and for whatever reason are unable to collect item from delivery agent, Carphone Warehouse collude with their delivery agents to have the item returned to them at which point they refund the cost of the handset only and you are again £10 out of pocket. Sadly, UK consumer laws allow this type of practice and unscrupulous operators such as Carphone Warehouse take full advantage of that situation.
A google search of reviews for this company will also quickly reveal many other examples of customer exploitation practiced by Carphone Warehouse and of shockingly poor standards of customer service. Sadly, they do however continue to thrive by drawing in new customers with low prices. Despite the tragedy of our high streets becoming abandoned wastelands this is one chain myself and many others would rejoice in having removed from our high streets permanently.

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Hard to fault this company!

Very good value alternative make ink cartridges. Okay, so the printer manufactures say that independent make inks are not as good as their own and it's possibly true for high quality critical work, however the alternative inks supplied by the Cartridge People are fine for most applications. Delivery is quick and customer service appears to be generally excellent(never have had cause to use them myself though). They appear to get good reviews generally and I have purchased from them for about ten years without any cause to complain. Would recommend.


Unacceptable service issues

Giffgaff have just had their second major service incident in a year. The first incident resulted in total loss of service for all customers lasting about 24hrs. The second one in the last few days resulted in recurring 'Goodybags' being debited from customers' bank accounts but not being applied to their Giffgaff balance so many customers again found they had no service because their balances were left at zero or their positive balances quickly were used up and left at zero because the internet they were using was not being covered by the failed automatic payment. This simply isn't good enough and Giffgaff cannot be relied on to provide an uninterrupted service. I will now be moving to a more reliable provider.

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Kwik Fit

'Kwik' that is supposed to mean 'quick'.....right?

How long do you reckon it would take Kwik-fit to MOT a car, fail it, re-align the headlights, fit two new tyres and an indicator bulb and issue an MOT cert? Now remember 'Kwik' means 'quick'. A few hours? Most of the day? about a day-and-a-half!
Yes, Kwik-fit Wokingham on the Reading road actually took form 13:30 to 17:30 the following day to carry out the above work. Speed is not their only weak point however - communication is too. The only contact they ever made was the initial call to advise of the MOT failure. After that it was pure guesswork as to when the work might be completed - as it happened it was not ready until half an hour after their published closing time the following day.
Following a lengthy wait by myself and another customer for our cars to be handed over the other customer had to come back in to return a 4 foot tyre wrench she had found in her car as she'd attempted to drive away.
I don't usually use Kwik-fit as they are expensive(just under £200 for an MOT, 2 x budget tyres and a bulb!) and have a poor reputation(just google reviews for them), but I thought I might give them a try as my local branch is just a hundred yards away. I won't be using them again and will return to my usual trusted and value for money independent garage which has served me well for many years and after this experience are well worth travelling the extra miles for.


Refused to cancel order despite receiving request before order was despatched. They also take payment at point of order unlike many online retailers who only take payment on despatching order. Would not use again.

Chemist Direct - UK's Online Pharmacy. Fast, discreet & secure.

The Worst by Far of the Online Chemists

A google search of this crowd will return numerous negative experiences from review sites and discussion forums. I can only add to them having had the misfortune of dealing with them on on more than one occasion - I didn't learn form my first experience.
I can advise that this company lists items as 'in stock' when in fact they are not. In my book that's fraud but they seemingly can get away with it. Customer service, by email anyway, is absolutley appalling. Emails rarely get a reply and are rarely acted on. When they do be prepared to wait for some considerable time.
My last order of 'in stock' items took 2 weeks to deliver - their own terms and conditions state despatch within 48 hrs. After 11 days had elapsed since the order was placed I cancelled it by email, having sourced the items elsewhere. 3 days later they thought it would be a good idea to despatch it. Delivery was refused and order was refunded minus the delivery charge as they claim order wasn't cancelled in time. In short - I waited 11 days for delivery, I cancelled it as there was no comunication, this in turn resulted in them despatching the order. Previous purchases also took several weeks to appear again with zero communication.
I can only imagine Trading Standards have their hands full with this crowd and quite how they are still trading given the level of compaints against them is beyond me.
Do yourself a big favour and avoid Chemist Direct like the plague.

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