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Tredz Bikes


Excellent! Would use again.


Great service

Item arrived in good time, and was exactly as expected. Great price too. Would happily use this retailer again.


Exactly what i wanted.

I was after some dark wood curtain poles, and was unsure about colour match so ordered some samples. I received my samples a couple of days later - some of them were not the samples I'd asked for, but one was a very good match so I ordered the poles. Delivery of the poles was extremely quick and they were exactly what I wanted - no trouble putting them up and they look great. I'd definitely order from this company again.

Furniture Village

Still waiting six months later.

Ordered a dining table and eight chairs from Guildford Furniture Village in Oct 2011, was given a delivery time of 6-8 weeks but it could be as quick as 3. To their credit, the table and six of the chairs were delivered approximately three weeks later, and the remaining two chairs arrived a few weeks after that.

However, the table was delivered with an incorrect set of legs - one of the legs was the mirror image of what it should be, so the bottom of the table wouldn't fit together fully. It's the leg which we've been chasing for the remaining five months.

I was patient at first and decided to give them until after Christmas but in January I started making calls to the customer service centre and each time I was told a different set of lies - oh, it's in the warehouse waiting to be delivered, or an engineer needs to be sent round to look at your table. One lady laughed at the situation, promised to find out more info and call back but never did. There was no consistency between the information I received on any of the calls - it was as if they were just making it up on the spot. An engineer was sent out to our house to assess the situation, he was the only competent person I've dealt with in all of this and surprise surprise, he was from a third party company.

They were supposed to finally deliver our missing table leg today but we received a call an hour after they were due to arrive. The engineer had arrived at the warehouse to pick up the table leg, only to find a complete (disassembled) table rather than just the leg. Clearly it wasn't good enough to just take a leg from that table, instead our delivery was postponed for another week - or until they come up with another excuse.

In the meantime, Furniture Village have been sending us vouchers for discounts on other things we may want to buy. I've sent them back. I have the best part of a house to furnish, and money to spend, but there's no way Furniture Village deserve another penny from us for their incompetence.

Update 27/4: the second delivery attempt was also cancelled - this time they were trying to bring us a whole table, but discovered that the table TOP was damaged (remember, we only ever wanted one leg) - so they pulled the whole delivery, then called to let us know. I obviously suggested they just bring it anyway as we only wanted the legs - but it was too late by then. We rescheduled for the next day.

Third delivery attempt actually happened, they even brought legs, which turned out to be for the wrong table. No timescale given on getting the correct legs - we're just going round in circles now.

I have just phoned trading standards about next course of action.

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