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Rude, dishonest and unprofessional

You feel like rubbish when you speak to these people on the phone, and they treat you like rubbish. They also add things onto quotes after coming through from comparison sites and try to push things like their credit-plan for monthly payments, which ends up making you pay 30% more. Just yuck, especially the customer service


Good samplers, but watch out for the repeat

The sampler cases have some really good wines that will definitely have you coming back for more! Just be careful because even if you didn't plan on coming back for more, you will 'subscribed' to get more. This isn't entirely obvious when you first order.


Bland food

The ingredients at Tesco look fine, just like anywhere else, but most of the time they somehow have less taste. Given they're not even the cheapest (that award probably goes to Asda), what is the point?


Sheer genius

These vacuum cleaners are so good, I have at least a dozen friends who want to buy one now just off my recommendation and seeing it in action! I can't imagine not having one. Now if only I could find some way of being a distributor or getting an affiliate deal ;-)


Great free dating site with interesting tests

People on OkCupid tend to be more interesting, more entertaining and better to talk to than on most other dating sites I've seen. Plus the personality tests etc are a reason to browse, even if you're not single!

Just Eat

Does what it says

You can order stuff and have it delivered conveniently. It can't hurt to call the take-away about 3 minutes after you place the order to make sure they actually have it in their hands though

19 April 2012

Reply from

Hello Joe,

I'm glad to hear that you have found our service a convenient one.
Your feedback is important to us and I would like to thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

Kind regards,



Part of a cartel

Currys, PCWorld and Comet are all basically owned by the same people. Don't even try to get a better deal between them, it's all a ruse.

Either shop via Google Shopping (price comparison) or try somebody independent like Richer Sounds

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Good selection, poor media app support

Clean, pleasant web site, but most of us these days want to watch our Netflix through our TV. Due to Netflix reliance on Microsoft Silverlight, virtually nothing except your computer will play it. Support on all the common things like Plex, XBMC, Boxee etc just seems to be lacking. So close and yet so far!


Never-ending privacy invasions

Be on your guard, every month or two the privacy settings on the site re-open themselves up so that anyone can see any of your stuff. Think only your friends can see your personal stuff? Think again!


Crappy food, expensive flights

I fly to Vienna from London weekly and trust me, this airline just gets worse and worse the more you fly with them. Apart from the fact that every meal is a muffin ("Guggelhupf"), the service is surly, the booking centres clueless and the prices are those of a premium airline.

So if you have to use them, go ahead. If there's an alternative, use it.


Awesome way to research your travel

Got a bit of spare time to kill at work? This is a great way to browse what other people have been up to on their travels, with videos, maps and photos to give you a taste of what your next trip might be like :)


Great info - noisy design

Lots and lots of really good, valuable information here. Shame about the bright colours and clutter on every page.


Good if you're wealthy and about 60

Only the most expensive hotels and restaurants receive good reviews on Tripadvisor and anything off the beaten track is never included. Try following an old-age tour group around for slightly more edgey recommendations


Nice concept - don't expect to see your money

I've put about £1200 on purchases on Quidco and while their cashback rates look better than those on, in fact they won't pay for most of the things you claim on. You'll raise claim after claim and mysteriously about 15% of the money you should be getting will get paid to you after months of messing around. Is it worth your time, really?

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Crappy customer portal and poor 3G

Slow 3G service throughout the UK and a customer service portal that will fail to let you top up and continue using your phone about 60% of the time.


Ridiculous fees

See a price? It's not what you'll pay. You'll even pay an extra fee to book with a card (no other choice of course!)


Never see a bad movie again!

Just rate a few of your favourite movies or TV shows and watch the recommendations roll in. If you choose to watch the recommendations with 7.5 or 8 out of 10 (or higher) you will never watch any rubbish again!

Groupon UK

Daily spam, with no refunds

If you like offers (spam) sign up. The offers aren't really any better than elsewhere, and if you buy something and aren't satisfied - tough (you can take it up with the vendor and that's it). Why would you want spam on pre-purchase products? Once you've paid you have no recourse!

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19 April 2012

Reply from Groupon UK

Hi Joe, we're sorry to hear that you feel that way. Have you recently ordered from Groupon? Let us know if we can help. Thanks, Groupon UK


An (un)necessary evil

Paypal have terrible customer service, they can freeze your funds without reason, and even reach into your account or credit card and remove funds if something (e.g. a payment to you) falls through and your account goes into debit. There is little of the protection they speak of, and they are not regulated by the FSA so there is SFA you can do about it.


Quick and reliable

The item arrived two days after I ordered it, well packaged

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