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Animed Direct

Got what I wanted at a very reasonable price

My vet takes £42.99 for 5 ml of Atopica which lasts about a month for my dear little cat's skin problem. The same from Animed costs about £22. SO I went for the £52+ version at 17ml - or 3.4 times the size of the vet supplied amount at 1.23X the cost of 5ml. Let mne put it another way, to buy 17ml from the vet would cost me 3.4X£42.99=£146 approx. OK the vet probably has a lesser cost for 17 ml but they have never prescribed it and it was only hapenstance that I found it online. I reckon I am saving the insurers some £380 a year or thereabouts for exectly the same medicine even when I include the £12.50 cost of the vert prescription. Talk about value for money - this is by far the best I have ever seen. Oh, and the service was superb and simple to use and I got my delivery 2 working days later - on a special delivery signed for.


Just what I wanted and I got it!

I needed an Adaptil collar for my dog .. well, bitch actually. She weighs 33Kg, LOOKS fierce and has issues with some dogs but is really a pussycat at home. So much so that she suffers from anxiety. She is due to go into the kennels soon if only for a short stay. She has been before and every time we get her back she is a bag of nerves. This time, with a little luck and the Adaptil collar we will get our real girl back.
The collar has been on for 3 days now and she is already calmer (caught her sunbathing today when we were not watching and she has never done that before, seeming to keep on the go all the time so maybe it's starting to work.
I have bought from VioVet before and every time I get a very rapid service, get exactly what I want and the cost is excellent when compared to other sites and a damned sight cheaper than buying form your vet!
Use them yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Car Parts 4 Less

Very helpful company.

I ordered brake pads via the internet for my Jaguar.. using my Reg no. They arrived with no fuss the next day. I then got confused as the rear pads that arrived were not sensor read, so as they were a really good price I then ordered ones that WERE sensor ready. Thought I had covered all possibilities. Garage went to fit them and found that the pads would not fit as they were the wrong pads so had to order the correct ones. I was left with 2 sets of pads that could not be used. (I was happy to throw one set away had one of the sets fitted.) Phoned Carparts4less the next morning and absolutely no problem, they will collect the remaining pads tomorrow and refund me. They also suggested that (and I will do this) I phone them next time to order and they will make sure the right parts arrive. Most helpful man on the phone. I will certainly use this company again.

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