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I purched a 51 Samsung 3d Plasma from Comet on Dec. 2. 2012.
realy smart tv great picture.
On the 6 march 2012 the tv started showing pink lines on the screen so i contacted comet, they said an engeiner would call back between 4 till 6. After waiting know one called so in the morning i rang Comet back,
finaly i spoke to an engeiner who said it "sound's like its faulty and an engeiner would come out to have a look" but next apontmet was in 5 days so i said ok.
So the enginer came out nice fella polite.
He started to adust some settings, and said that should do it.
I asked him should a tv not work in any settings that are on the tv, he said "plasmers are not verry good in the settings i had chosen"
The enginer left.
On trying the tv it was still the same so on the phone i go, they said they would send some one else out,
next apointment was in 6 days.
the next enginer came out, not the same one so i thought good, it might get fixed now, "it needs a new screen he replyed someone will ring you" no body rang had to contact them again, they said as soon as the parts in stock we will contact you
a few day later i got a phone call saying it would be picked up, and would ony take a week so a date was aranged tv picked up as promised no problems there.

A week later i rang back up as no phone call of comet and was told the part was not in stock yet and would be another week till part was in stock and it would take 4 weeks to fix.

so rang back after 3 weeks just to see...."its on its way back to you as we speek" was the answer i got great stuff going to get my telly back

so arraged for delevery on a morning 8 till 12 slot, had to change my shift round at work to acomadate, and go in the afternoon so i waited in 1 oclock came and it still hadent come so i rang comet once more said it was an afternoon slot not the morning bit of an argumet later, the was nothing i could do so rang work told them i couldnt come in they was not realy pleased.
I had to pick the kids up from school so my mum waited in for them for me she had only just finished work.
So i got home the tv had arrived brill so i put it on the stand pluged it in and buzzzz, no picture at all, so on the phone i go after being on hold for a hour i, was told an enginer would have to come out to see whats wrong...... i asked why was it not tested before it left "every thing is tank tested for three hours before being sent back"
so i was sat there looking a my blank tv, i then noticed a light bit on the screen had apropper look, It seems the screens has been damaged
But the glass at the front has not got a mark on it, this must have been damaged when it was getting installed so much for tank tested
If i have no luck tomorow, im going to take it back to the store where i got it from, stand there telling people NEVER to shop there till i get my money back or the police remove me.
so i would never recomend getting anything from comet there after sales service stinks

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