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I've received such awful customer service from other companies with up to 7 months delays before being told they couldn't deliver the product. Not with BeanBagBazaar!

I ordered late Tuesday night (around 11pm) and they had been delivered by noon on Thurday. 37 hours turnaround from checkout to doorstep, just awesome. Also received emails and texts from both BeanBagBazaar and DPD telling me when I could expect the bags down to the hour. Really useful since I was able to work from home for half a day.

Ordered an orange and a purple Bazaar bag, they are hooooge.The quality of the bags is spectacularrrr, and I'm considering getting a couple more.

Brilliant company, brilliant products, excellent communication and would definitely use again. Keep it up! :-)

Another Beanbag Fail

Like so many others on here I have been waiting and waiting for the Groupon beanbag to show up. My girlfriend ordered it for me for Christmas (2011 just to be clear).
Still no show and Groupon have now apparently cancelled and refunded all money paid to them. So delivery costs? based on the information on here I'm not holding my breath. And ideally I would've preferred the beanbag because to buy a similar product it's more like £150 ish + delivery.
I've submitted a complaint to Citizens Advice Online regarding this so called "deal" and I would encourage anyone in the same boat to do the same. Totally unfair to be waiting so long and the response (when you finally get one) is just "have your money back and we're square".

Also to note:
"Any problems arising from the previous management team will be fully resolved by February 2012. "
This is on your own information on the right of this website. It's now April and the problems are still ongoing!

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Groupon UK

Only a 2 because Infurn was a 1

Were it not for Infurn, you would have a 1, but since that set a precedent and you have done better than them you gain that elusive extra star.

Same story as a lot of others on here, paid for a beanbag and received nothing. My girlfriend ordered it for me for Christmas but it never showed up, so didn't even turn out to be an Easter gift. This has since been refunded to her account, along with a "goodwill gesture" of £12.95 in groupon credit to cover the delivery cost we're unlikely to get back from the company in question. While I appreciate the gesture, it's too little, far far too late.

We had NO contact from you at all to inform us of any problems with this deal. While I appreciate that it's easy to lay on the supplier (and indeed I consider this mostly their fault) you still have a responsibility to keep us informed, especially when you issued the refunds.

All that said, I appreciate the quick responses via email. It's more than I've had from Infurn. I also appreciate you not talking to me until you had approval from the account holder. Nice to know you take data protection seriously.

19 April 2012

Reply from Groupon UK

Hi Scott, we're very disappointed to hear that you and your girlfriend had a negative experience with a recent purchase. We're glad to hear that a resolution was achieved. Please do let us know if we can help any further. Thanks, Groupon UK

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