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Cheap and fast but weak printing techniques and/or customer service

I requested a printing job from Printed.com for 100 A5 brochures for a total of £134. Obviously that was digital printing but I am fine with that, I didn't need a large quantity for the moment.
When they got delivered, after a quick check I could notice that 3 pages out of the 24 had a white strip at the top. I guess that the printing process is fully automated and that nobody checks the printing jobs, I don't have a problem with that.

I reported that to one of their team member and I was told that the problem came from the file I provided them with. Though I provided them with a file with correct bleeds and crop marks, I was told that the printing job can sometimes shift and result in the loss of the alignment of pages in your printing job and that I should have extended the pictures over the bleed marks. First, all the other pages went fine so I don't understand why 3 of them only went wrong since exactly the same format for all the pages was used. Second, I followed all the instructions while submitting the file and didn't receive such instructions while uploading it. The fully automated process finds here its limitations.

That is £134 lost because since I put a lot of effort in the design of the brochures and have set decent standards in my communication to clients, I don't want it to be ruined by poor printing so I was unable to use brochures on time and had to use my Ipad to make sales pitches. I have now to find another printer and re-do everything all over again.

Also, the company they use for delivery failed to deliver on the day that was mentioned to me and said I wasn't there and said a card was left which is a lie, no card was left and nobody showed up to deliver the brochures, I was there all day. I think the delivery man didn't bother to show up and just pretended he did to get away with it. Printed.com reimbursed the shipping costs to me which is nice but doesn't make up for the fact that I stayed all day at home waiting for the delivery that never happened.

Conclusion : For straight forward files and assuming that the delivery man will do his job properly, Printed.com offers a cheap and quick printing service. In ANY other situations, it will be a waste of time and money.

UPDATE : PRINTED.COM let me know that they are sorry for the experience I had with them and decided to fully refund me for the job mentioned above. They seem to take into account customers feedbacks when things go wrong and act accordingly. I am upgrading my rating to 3 stars, I can't go higher than that though since I lost time in the process and it affected my business.

21 January 2013

Reply from printed.com

Good afternoon, Olivier.

I’m sorry your recent experience with us has been a bad one, I will organise a full refund for you straight away. Could you please email Ashleigh@printed.com so I can have this processed for you as soon as possible.
In regards to the artwork, a colleague has already tried contacting you throughout the week about the problems with the file but unfortunately had no luck.
I understand you have already been in contact with my colleague Sophie. If you have any further questions or would like to have a reprint sent out to you for future pitches, feel free to call her on 02074626106.

Sorry again


Fast shipping, good products

I'm a client of myprotein.co.uk and myprotein.fr, they're both serious sellers, I never had any problems with them.

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