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Buyer BEWARE!! If only I had read the reviews for Misses Dressy. I truly can not believe a business can remain open with such low customer satisfaction. I ordered a very expensive dress for my daughter January 19, 2012 for her Senior Prom in May 2012. After a month of waiting I called customer service (put on hold for at least 30 minutes, not exagerating) finally speaking to a foreiner who could barely speak English, she assured me I would ship in a couple of weeks and I would get a confirmation email once shipped..this never happened. I was never told or saw when placing my order how long it would take to get this dress. My credit card was immediately charged after ordering the dress. I made many phone calls, most I hung up after being put on hold for 45 minutes..never getting an answer..It was crazy!! I tried phone calls/emails nothing worked. One time I did get through, in March, and asked if I could get a refund. They said no refunds..which is crazy since I hadn't even got the dress, nor had they. After just about giving up, I got an email message from someone in Wahington, (I live in Texas) stating they received my dress in the mail! Yes, Misses Dressy mailed my dress to someone else! Fortunatey there are still some honest, good people in this world. She told me of her nightmare experience with Misses Dressy as well. Anyway, she mailed me the dress and I paid her back in postage $20. While originally ordering this dress, they had a speicial free gift, a silicone bra. When I finally received the dress, there was no bra, it had been marked off the packing slip. They said they no longer have these bras, but they are giving me a store credit of $20, yipee! I seriously am going to voice a complaint to the BBB. This place should be permanently be shut down!!

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