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easy to download label with postage and drop off at shop

very convenient and cheaper than mail for larger items


Quite good

Prices very competitive, in store shops useful especially money exchange. Lots of variety. Don't like long check out queues or paying for the car park if I only want a couple of things, so don't have a refund on my money.



Personal opinion but I watch more things on BBC than any other channel, especially like BBC4. Their documentaries and dramas are excellent. Also subscribe to a magazine Lonely Planet published by BBC Worldwide.



.cheap good quality food. Easy to park. When I had a problem with a purchase, the manager came to my house to sort it out. Unfortunately also have to shop elsewhere for groceries as do not carry everything I need. Fruit and vegetables do not last as long as some supermarkets but Ok as long as you realise this


too expensive

Can't wait for my mobile contract to end so I can change supplier


You get what you pay for

The above says it all. Prefer this airline to Ryanair.

Groupon UK


Although I have heard bad things about Groupon, it has not been my experience. Everything I have purchased has been brilliant, vouchers arrived by email and easy to print, goods and services excellent.

20 April 2012

Reply from Groupon UK

Hi Anne, we appreciate your positive feedback. We really do value you as a customer and hope that you continue to enjoy our deals!



Had talk talk broadband and telephone 7 years ago when I moved house. Had so many problems which they blamed on the local exchange. As this was upgraded recently contacted them to find tariffs and received a phone call from a guy who was extremely pushy and didn't listen to a word I said. I was emphatic that I didn't want my telephone no. to change and he completely ignored this and carried on with his spiel over my attempted conversation. I put the phone downs on him. Thats the end of Talk Talk for me.


OK for what you pay for

Use Ryanair quite a lot, but if there is a similar flight by Easyjet always use the later. There is not much customer service, but it is cheap. I travel light so the extras don't apply to me. Irritating that I applied for a new credit card to avoid charges and they then changed the game. But you get what you pay for - A - B


quite useful

Hardly ever use Argos now as I have more money to spend and can be more selective, but has been very useful in the past. Often find things cheaper on line which are delivered free to my door.


fantastic - my financial guru

I have been using mse for years and initially told all my friends about Martin Lewis, now everyone seems to know about it. He is my financial guru. I never purchase anything, flights, travel money, insurance, banking, etc. before consulting the oracle!

John Lewis

reliable excellent company

shame I can't always afford to shop there, too expensive for me but I do love the shops and service



don't like so many Tesco stores opening and ruining small businesses. I do have a Tesco credit card and often shop there as it is nearest supermarket, has free parking and I earn points. Usually buy petrol from Tesco too, so I am a bit of a hypocrite!


hate it

Only use facebook when I am travelling to convey information to lots of friends. Otherwise find it difficult to use, drives me mad with suggestive friends who I have never even heard of let alone want to know. Hate silly messages but don't want to offend friends by telling them so, thus hide their posts. Cannot understand why friends who want to send me an important message don't email me. Facebook is an enormous time waster. Very occasionally something interesting posted, usually photos.


good except for point below

Had trouble with Paypal when first using it years ago but hopefully nothing since


good except for point below

I use gmail and google search engine all the time but don't like that it is so intrusive


very helpful

when I had trouble using the site, I was phoned back within a minute and helped resolve the issue



I have Amazon prime - everything is delivered fast and free. When my Kindle broke, Amazon replaced it. After looking at other sites to buy I nearly always buy from Amazon

Airport Hotels

OK but one at Gatwick difficult to find

As above but quite cheap and a decent room

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