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Glasses Direct

Quite good.

Had two pairs of glasses one of which had the wrong sized arms, I understand that the dimensions shown on the web site were incorrect. Had to adjust them myself rather than the hassle of returning. Otherwise all OK.

Total Access (UK) Ltd

Surprised to receive my order so quickly.

Despite not receiving a 'dispatched' E-mail my order arrived 'Post -haste'.Recommended.


Driver delivered the two drivers promptly.

Well done both FFX and DPD,my drilldriver and impact driver arrived in three working days and I was fully informed on its whereabouts and time of delivery.Would definitley recommend especially as the price was very good.


1st class service

Friendly advice and item arrived next day, futhermore sensible and fair delivery charges.Fully recommend.



In the past we have had excellent service from the Sellers advertising on Amazon Marketplace therefore there have been no problems to resolve. Come the first contentious issue and Amazon have totally failed.
My wife was searching for a book on Amazon and found several copies the cheapest being £10 but as this was to be a present she chose a copy for £40, in stock, with DailyDeals UK hoping it would be in a better condition than the cheaper book. The book arrived but it came from a completely different UK seller with an Invoice for £10 and a different order number. When queried with DailyDeals UK (via Amazon) they said the Invoice must be a mistake and to disregard it. We contacted the seller directly who confirmed the accuracy of the invoice at £10. A check on Amazon showed the £40 book with DailyDeals UK still in stock but the £10 book had gone. We asked Amazon if we would be getting a partial refund; they replied that DailyDeals UK would refund our money MINUS RESTOCKING FEE AND POSTAGE providing the book was 'returned' recorded delivery to CANADA and dispatched within 3 working days. We chose not to do so, as apart from the postage cost, DailyDeals UK (?) would then be in possession of both book and our money. We then posed a number of question to Amazon such as, the ethics of the deal and why a book supplied from the UK had to be ' returned ' to Canada, amongst several others; no answers where forthcoming. We were merely told that as the book had not been returned the A to Z Guarantee Claim was closed, there attitude was - we ordered a book and we received a book - full stop. The fact that a £40 was paid for and a £10 book received does not concern them. Both Amazon and DailyDeals UK make wild claims about Customer Satisfaction we suggest they are guilty of indifference and sharp practice respectively. Had it not been for our previous experience we would have awarded Amazon 1 star.

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First class

Having suffered at the hands of Yodel I fully understand the frustration of non delivery [not to mention lies and disinterest] ,however I can only 'speak as I find' and my experiance with DPD has been excellent.I was kept informed on progress throughout and also given a one hour 'window' for delivery - the item arrived bang on time.5stars.

The Whisky Exchange


Very prompt and no hassel trasaction especially as I was offered free delivery.


The Same Old Story

My delivery address is one of only 3 houses with the same post code and still they failed to deliver my goods. Twice they stated "no one to accept delivery and card left through letter box" a total lie as we were at home throughout this period and certainly no card was left. Eventually the retailer reimbursed my money; seven weeks after placing the order. Whilst I can understand Yodel failure to deliver (staffed by imbeciles) attempting to conceal their incompetence by blatently lying is inexcusable. I will not "preach to the converted" but before making a purchase CHECK THE COURIER.

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