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virgin sinking fast

I have virgins 50mb broadband which used to be reliable but for the last 4months it's been next to useless for instance if your a PlayStation user you'll find it signs out all the time due to dropouts on virgins side when phoning to complain you could be waiting upto 2-3hours for them to answer then they'll pass you to someone else and constantly put you on hold after 30min they'll transfer you to virgin media home service to look at my ps3 which is a separatecharge of around £60 which is not needed in anyway complete rip off its like there making your connection bad to scaustomers out of hard earned money to top it off I already pay £130pet month

Mazuma Mobile

not bad fast payment

It was a very fast transaction but when selling my phone to you I used my phone to place sell order I also used the print postage label but as I created my sell order using my phone I had great trouble printing it out in the end I had to make 3sell order for the same device as when logging in on pc there is no opition to re print postage hence having 3sell orders other than that very good service very fast payment thank you

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