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Owned by Murdoch

Therefore evil. I would never consider subscribing to this evil company, especially with the ridiculous prices it feels fair to charge for football coverage. Nothing linked to Murdoch's evil empire will make it onto my TV!


Pushy support staff

Very difficult to get anywhere without pushy sales/support staff trying to sell you more. Unreliable facilities, such as voicemail, which they then try to blame on you. Unacceptable, frankly, and I'm moving elsewhere the moment I can cancel my contract.

Richer Sounds

Superb company

This is how all companies should be run. The most superb customer experience and support, knowledgeable staff, no hard sell, a sense of humour, great range of product and great prices.


Child slave labour

Clothes made by children in Laos (never denied despite several reports), cheap and shoddy good, owner a self-obsessed egotist. Avoid.

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Overcharging and dishonest

Highest fees, highest delivery charges, one of the worst websites and their despicable practice of allowing people to scalp others online as long as TM themselves get a cut via their reselling website make this a company I avoid at all costs. Scum of the ticket reselling world.


Good for convenience

Handy when you just want to pick something up accessory-wise, but if you're after any serious kit at a decent price and can wait a while then shop online. Get a friend who knows their stuff to help you as well. Remember, your mates aren't on commission and PCW make a ton of their cash out of dodgy "cover plans" and overpriced installations etc.

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Best TV in the UK

Top quality productions, great website. My only quibble is their naming of NUFC's home ground - it's "St James' Park". Always has been, always will be. The Beeb isn't supposed to provide advertising (remember the brown tape over the logos on the products used in Blue Peter?), so why they're bowing down to the fat man instead of sticking with the name preferred by the license-paying public is beyond me.



Manipulative, dishonest, overcharging, underhanded, despicable, sneaky... I could go on but I'm pretty sure everyone knows how disgustingly vile this excuse for a company is. Uses every sneaky trick in the book to make you pay more than you thought you were going to, while providing the lowest level of customer "care" imaginable. Avoid like a plague-carrier will halitosis.


Expensive but nice!

Pizzas are great and their frequent specials make them too tempting at times. I love the online ordering system with the pizza tracking so you have a fairly accurate idea of when your pizza will be arriving.


Necessary evil

Awful company with dreadful - in fact nearly non-existent - customer support. When something does go wrong, and it will, expect it to take months to get a matter resolved even when it's a mistake 100% of their own making which they admit liability for.

I really can't stand them, but they've got by far the majority market share in online transactions so they're unavoidable at times. Fees are ludicrous, restrictions a pain, attitude towards their customers appalling.

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Great until there's a problem

Nice and easy to order from, but have this strange idea that they're exempt from UK and European distance selling regulations. Like trying to open a walnut with a damp sponge trying to get a refund on an item outside of warranty, but to which they still have responsibility. another case of a company being too big for its boots and government failing to punish it for not undergoing its legal obligations.


Very reliable

Ordered from OFFTEK a few times now. Everything from the tools used to ensure you get the correct RAM, to the ordering system, speed of delivery, packaging and (as I found out in one rare case) returns procedure could not be handled more professionally.

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