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1st Choice Spares UK Ltd

A waste of time!

I tried to source a caliper for my car through 1st Choice twice. Twice I was let down after the suppliers took my money. One even openly lied to me and blamed the courier company for losing my parcel,when in fact they had never sent it.
Steer well clear of these lot, it's not worth it!

08 April 2014

Reply from 1st Choice Spares UK Ltd

We’re sorry to hear you have experienced problems with this supplier. We do provide star ratings for all suppliers, based on feedback from thousands of customers. We do try to ensure a certain level of service from the suppliers and if you would like us to look into this matter for you, visit the page below and we'll endeavour to sort things for you as quickly as possible.

Customer Care - 1st Choice.

Just Eat

A total screw up and a rude response from some idiot in customer services to finish. Gee, thanks Just Eat.....

We had an order rejected from an Indian take away (confirmed by a phone call from Just Eat) and chose to order a similar selection from a different take away who accepted our order.
Little did we know that when our food arrived it was from the first take away who had reportedly rejected the order. When the second order arrived we rejected it.
The phone call from Just Eat that followed was the point where we decided not to use Just Eat again. We explained the mistake that Just Eat had made and the member of staff responded in a very off manner stating that Just Eat would have to compensate one of the take aways (as they should do seeing as the whole situation was their responsibility). He then hung up abruptly.
So in all our experience of Just Eat was pretty dire, especially considering we have had similar issues before. We'll just go directly to the take away in future.

08 November 2013

Reply from

Hi Stu,

Sorry to hear this, I'd like to take a further look into this for you and listen to the calls to see what happened and what went wrong here. Can you get in touch with us and provide us with the details along with the numbers you may have called from that were not on the order on the email address below.

From what you've said it does sound like something has gone wrong on our side but I just want to take a more detailed look into why and how this happened.

Thanks again for getting in touch, sorry to hear about this.


Social Media Adviser.

CW Sellors - Jura

An excellent service, many thanks.

I purchased my new Fossil watch from Jura. They offered a good price and have proved to offer an efficient service to match.

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