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The Whisky Exchange

Wonderful to duscovevi can get banana rum here's and not too sweet!!

Come round and enjoy it with me it's delicious and I won't mange alone!!!

Furniture Village

Incorrect ordering and contradictory and unhelpful customer 'service'

I ordered a mattress from Furniture Village and somehow between walking from said mattress to the sales desk they not only ordered the wrong size but also the wrong mattress.

Based on the fact I had double bedding, the sales staff told me I would require a double bed size mattress. But then she started talking in feet and inches- I was unsure about this but she seemed to be happy that she was quoting the correct sizes I needed.

I mentioned that I had bought my bed frame and previous mattress from IKEA. She did not indicate that this was a problem. They are now telling me that if I had mentioned IKEA to them they would automatically have warned me that none of their mattresses are the same size as IKEA beds. The problem is that she did not tell me this.

She told me there were only 3 sizes of double mattress. So I could buy the one she was advising me to get and then, if at home I found that I needed a bigger mattress, I could phone her up and get the order altered.

Having checked the measurements, which were closer to king size as my bed was from IKEA, they were almost correct and when I rang the store my measuring was held as the explanation for the slight size discrepancies. Again, the IKEA size issue was not picked up on.

Now the mattress I signed for is not only the wrong one, is too big for both my bed and my bedding! On arrival it was clear it did not fit my bed but the delivery staff fled before taking photos and details as they are supposed to, as well as unwrapping it before entering my property such as to make returning it more difficult.

I was clear about the size of mattress I needed and which one, but each time I contacted the company I have been told a different story, from 'we will replace it without refunding the price difference as a good will gesture' to 'it's your fault'. While in reality what would be closer to what happened would be 'we didn't hear what you asked for and when you rang to confirm the size we mis-informed you.

Now they are blaming the incorrect size on the fact I have an Ikea bed, and that they would have told me their mattresses would not fit (they didn't) but this still does not explain the wrong size and mattress ordered. It does of course explain why I thought the size was correct as I measured it and found the size slightly out, but was told on the phone as in store that 'there are only three sizes of double mattress' and assuring me this was a measuring error and the mattress would fit.

I was told to discuss the problem with the store manager who would ring back, and when he didn't, I rang to be told that the manager would only refer the case back to the sales advisor, and there was no point speaking to the manager as it would 'waste my time'.

I did not receive a call back, and on going to the store, have been told that it IS the manager I need to speak to and he will 'ring tomorrow' but seem to take the view that a sales person's mistake is my fault, because I signed the document. I have never been to a store and asked for a product and been delivered a different one so did not double check the name of the mattress sold.

Every time I contact the store they have a different story about what I need to do and whether they will replace the mattress, who now suggest that despite them putting the wrong mattress down and not talking me through and checking say it it is my fault, despite them being trained sales consultants who should know how to make a sale and follow the procedure of explaining the 'contract' I signed which basically equates to signing for 'this is what I am ordering'.

To their credit, they did send the mattress specified on the order form, but there is little else to credit them for.

If you make a purchase from this store I recommend checking and double checking they have put the correct item on the order form, and asking to see the contract that is not shown to you that signing apparently binds you to.

I am now spending unpleasant nights on what is to me a very uncomfortable mattress waiting for a consistent reply from furniture village who seem to think that by changing their story every time and confusing me I will give up and accept this expensive and uncomfortable mattress; either that or they, as I suspect, genuinely have no idea how to handle an order or a complaint....

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