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WARNING! Selling on eBay? be aware that it invariably sides with your Buyers, NOT its Sellers, who make it rich. I have been selling on eBay for years and one of my Buyers missed the cut-off date to return an Item, so tried to force one by falsely claiming that my Item was fake.

I provided eBay with numerous clear pics of the Item, which is a little-known brand of jacket, with modest sales and which has never been faked.

As I expected, these loathsome characters at found in the Buyer's favour and have ordered me to refund him.

Utterly despicable.

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I booked a collection via ParcelHero. It was an international packet to USA. I paid for an 'Express' service, with collection any time between 0900/1800 hrs. I wasted an entire day, NINE FRUSTRATING HOURS, sitting here, waiting for the courier (FedEx) to collect.

At 1805 hrs, I tried to call ParcelHero’s 4.4 pence per minute 0844 Revenue-Share line. IT CLOSES AT 1800 hrs! So, if a collection is not made, you can’t get hold of the company until the next day! What’s more is its ‘Live Chat’ ISN'T 'Live' after 1800 hrs. It closes at the same early time as the phone lines! You don’t even get connected with some clueless Live Messaging Centre operator in the Third World; it is just an e.mail service after 6, dressed up as Live Chat.

What was I supposed to do? Sit here for another 9 hours like a fool, listening for the door bell?

I wanted to know WHY but ParcelHero’s Customer Service lines had closed.



I have to commend ParcelHero for its Customer Service. I have received and made numerous phone calls from/to its staff, including its MD. I have been assured by him that the reason the collection failed was because FedEx failed to fully record and pass on to its staff my collection address. The village name and last 3 characters of the Post Code had been omitted. There are a few roads in this postal area with the same name as mine. As a result, the FedEx driver had visited an identical address in an adjacent village.

However, I do still have some criticisms of the ParcelHero service. Above, I describe its Customer Service lines, which close at the same time as its last collection time of 1800 hrs. In addition, it was ironically ‘fortunate’ that my package containing 2 legal Knives was not collected by FedEx. According to ParcelHero staff, FedEx does not carry Knives and my parcel could have been impounded in UK by the authorities. This would have caused me enormous stress and concern that 2 valuable Items (£750 GBP) were impounded in UK, whilst the Receiver in USA waited interminably and perhaps eventually would demand a refund. I chose ParcelHero to arrange carriage of these items since Knives do not appear in its Prohibited Items list.

The ParcelHero MD advised me that he would ‘look at’ the ParcelHero Customer Service closing time and in addition, consider including Knives in its Prohibited Items list.

As a result, I am raising my score of ParcelHero to 3 Points.



Sure, P2Go is a value for money service when the couriers collect, but just wait until things go wrong.

This is what can happen:

You eventually connect to Live Chat, where the Representative merely repeats endlessly that they are sorry, and that they will rebook for the next day, etc. The next day comes and goes and you have waited indoors in silence for another 12 hours for a courier that has not appeared. You connect with Live Chat and are rebook and wait in again tomorrow.

Push for a more acceptable solution and you will likely be told that the service is not guaranteed (even days after the agreed collection date) and that if you want to rebook using a (more reliable) different P2Go courier, YOU will have to pay for any difference in price!

All of this endless, frustrating Live Chat can take an hour or so.

Alternatively, you can ring the P2Go ‘Help Line’. Unfortunately, it is a Premium Rate Service, costing you a whacking 10p per min, and much more from mobiles.

That said, the main problem with using Parcel2Go is this: where you deal with a courier direct (rather than agents like P2Go) you can speak with its staff and have them update you on delivery or even location of your parcel. Parcel2Go staffs refuse to do this, claiming that all they can do is e.mail the courier you have booked through the P2Go website. It is hopeless! You never find out where your parcel is, or why it has been delayed. All they will tell you is to wait indoors, sometimes day after day, and hope!

Back in Jan 13, I sent a parcel to an address in England. Delivery took 3 weeks! During this period, both the receiver and I spent innumerable, maddening hours on the P2Go Live Chat and NOT ONCE did its staff actually tell us WHY the parcel was delayed or even WHERE IT WAS. All we were told, again and again, was that the P2Go staff could not telephone couriers, only e.mail and wait for a reply...and wait...and wait...and wait...

Parcel2Go; the service that is great when it works and absolutely teeth-grindingly infuriating when it doesn’t.


YODEL - Simply the Worst Courier Imaginable? (Update 25 Jun 13)

THIS IS MY THIRD ADDITION TO THIS POST. As I type this, I am now into my second day and NINETEENTH HOUR of sitting indoors in silence, waiting for this bl**dy courier to collect from me.

A pox on YODEL and its loathsome drivers!

Further to my earlier Review (below at bottom), I have had further problems with Yodel. READ ON...I assure you, you won't have read anything quite like this!

I bought an Item via Amazon. I was aghast to discover that it had been passed to YODEL for delivery! YODEL eventually brought my Item down to my local YODEL Depot in Newton Abbot, Devon. Then, inexplicably, it forwarded it in the opposite direction to the West Midlands! After my complaint dated 23 Apr 12 to Amazon (the Seller), Yodel returned my Item to Newton Abbot.

This Item was NOT delivered by YODEL to the correct address (my Royal Mail PO Box at my local Royal Mail Delivery Office). Instead, it was dumped on the floor in the public entrance foyer of the nearby Royal Mail Post Office. The driver did not even pass the package to the Post Office staffs, who serve behind a glass screen in an adjacent room. It was NOT signed for or brought to the attention of any staff member there. Instead, he simply dumped it on the floor near the entrance doors! It was left in a place that any member of the public could have simply and unseen, picked up the package and walked off with it. Eventually, a PO customer mentioned to a PO clerk that there was a suspicious parcel on the floor on the entrance foyer. On inspection, my carton was discovered there by a PO staff member, who picked it up from the foyer floor and took it round to the Delivery Office at the rear of the Post Office building. The carton was wet and badly ripped. Please see pics.


Earlier Complaint:

Here is the way this despicable company treated me:

An Item I bought online was passed to YODEL on 13 Apr 12. After 4 days of silence from Yodel and inconclusive online Tracking Information, I spoke with Yodel on 17 Apr circa 1800 hrs. It took over 10 mins to answer my call. Its staff member advised me that details of my parcel were not available. It should have been delivered to me on 16 Apr. He did not know why. He said he could not ring the Depot as it closed at 1730 hrs daily. He promised me that I would receive a call from the Depot between 0800/0900 hrs the next morning. The call was not received.

I rang Yodel again on 18 Apr. After 10 mins of holding, another staff member took my call. He then cut me off. I rang again, entered the 16 numbers of the tracking number, and was cut off. I rang back. After another 10 minute queue, a third staff member told me that the parcel was “probably lost” and that today was the last day before a “trigger” is raised by the client (company I bought from) and a refund is made. She advised that my local depot should be scanning the parcel each day, but had failed to do so. The last time it had been scanned was 14 Apr, its day of arrival there. She also advised that she was unable to ring the Depot, as she did not have an outside line. She advised me to contact the supplier, which could escalate the matter through Yodel Premier Customer Services (which I was not allowed to contact).

I had by then been without an essential household item for 2 weeks. I’d had more than enough of waiting in day after day for delivery of an Item that Yodel could not trace.

My Item was finally delivered without advice or warning on a Saturday morning 21 Apr. Yodel had taken 8 days to deliver, had failed to update online its own tracking number, and ostensibly, had “lost" the Item.

Incidentally, you may find the unlisted geographical telephone numbers for Yodel HQ and its Depots at

The long depressing list of complaints on this site highlights the innumerable, miserable experiences consumers have when using YODEL. To Hell with this disgraceful company.

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