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Rattan Garden furniture

I purchased the 6 piece rattan garden furniture last week whilst it was still on offer and I have to say, even at the new price it's still a bargain given what you'd pay in your local garden centre.

I spent weeks looking at sets locally; being put off by £900+ prices and in the end decided that, at less than £400, I realise I'll be getting what I paid for and not to worry if the furniture turned out to be less impressive than that which I'd already seen. In my mind it was a case of believing that the prices at garden centres were nothing more than massively over inflated and simply not being willing to pay such a huge mark-up. Homecom came up on my searches for some weeks but because I'd never heard of them I discounted them several times. The price always looked attractive but there was still that nagging doubt in my mind. In the end I decided to bite the bullet and give them a shot. Glad I did!

So with my expectations set I duely ordered and having read a few of the reviews wondered if the goods would a) turn up, b) come within a reasonable time and c) live up to my newly lowered expectations. At this point I must offer my sincere appologies to Homcom. Having worked in ecommerce for over a decade I normally pride myself at being able to spot a troubled transaction before it starts (thankfully I chose to avoid Paypal and all the trouble and delay they introduce) but in this instance I couldn't have been more wrong. I ordered late on Tuesday and the goods were delivered, exactly as described, on the Thursday. I even called on the Wednesday for the tracking details of my order (as I know TNT in my area can be a little hit and miss). The call was answered within 3 rings and the lady on the phone handled my request efficiently and politely.

The set itself comes packed in three large boxes, One containing the ottoman and table, the other two containing a chair and corner chair each. Everything was packed well and the instructions, while a little sparce on wording, were very simple to follow. I would recommend a 10mm socket set as the bolts do require a lot of turns on them to get them tight. Also on that point, do exactly as the instructions say and only lightly tighten the bolts as you get the shape of each part together. Then when everything is together go back around and tighten everything up. I had only 1 bolt that was hard to fit and that wasn't because of the alignment, more the length of the bolt. I simply clamped the parts using a hand clamp and then inserted the bolt. In all it took me about an hour to build the set and that was with a few stops due to a rain shower or two.

The end result is as good as, if not better, than that which I've seen in my local garden centres. And the best bit being I paid probably 50% the asking price! Only time will tell if the set holds up to use, but being aluminium and PE rattan I can't see anything other than abuse causing it to fail prematurely. Roll on the sunshine!

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