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Disgusting service

Our TV broke Xmas week and we went to our local Comet and purchased a brand new 51" 3D TV - so far, so good!
4 weeks ago the TV stopped working, we called customer services to report the fault and they sent out an engineer ( 1 week later!)
Said engineer came and bleeted on about how he had found out that morning that he had been made redundant (poor guy) and that the TV needed a new part and that he would order it - again, so far so ok!
It seems that the engineer decided that he would take out his redudancy frustrations on us and ordered the wrong part! This we didnt know until the the second engineer called today to tell us that the part he had was not the correct one, as it needed something entirely different!!!!!!
Now you may ask why I'm a little vexed (believe me if I could use stronger words, I would) but when we have waited 3 weeks for this (wrong) part and only found out it was "in stock" because I rang the customer services 3 weeks later to complain that I had heard nothing - miracle it came in the very day I rang! It seems Comet customer service only goes as far as the customer ringing a premium rate number not the Services Department ringing the customer! Despite this "oversight" the guy on the other end of the phone said, I still had to wait 4 days for the engineer. I took the day off work for his visit to discover he had the wrong part and he said that the original engineer would have known that! - Maybe telling your former employees that their services are no longer required on the day they visit already upset customers is not the best way to go about things.
I was told by the rather embarrassed 2nd engineer that he would order the correct part (I only hope he's not for the chop) and that we would have to wait a minimum of another 7 days... How long does it take to sort out spare parts??? You were certainly not backward in coming forward when you sold me the item, and thank God I never took out the extended warranty as this it seems is about as useful as a chocolate fire guard.
When I rang the customer services number after the engineer left I may as well have saved myself the cost of the call, as they were not interested and in fact the young girl who listened to my tale very kindly told me she was going to put me through to her Supervisor (oh what luck) but did in fact put me through to someone else without the courtesy of explaining to him my problem. Basically, she got rid of me - oh dear, a disgruntled customer, dont want her I'll pass her on to someother poor customer services "team" member. Comet if you dont want the business dont offer a service you have no intention of providing! I want to be able to come home after a long day and relax in front of my 4 month old TV not sit and look at a blank screen!!

Oh and by the way, when you do decide to repair it rest assured it will be the last time I will ever shop with you again. You NEVER GET A SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST GOOD IMPRESSIONS!

The only reason I have given you 1 star is because I have no option!!!

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