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Vlc Media-player

VLC: See the difference

This VLC media player is truly heaven sent. It is so heartbreaking to watch a movie almost immediately after you've downloaded it only to be stalled when your media player cannot read the file. That happened to me a lot of times with my previous media player and I had to download the codec needed to read the video files that I wish to view. It really takes time, and if movies were food, then I would've lost my appetite.

I am most ardently happy when VLC made itself known. It is absolutely remarkable with its dozens of features that I know one wouldn't find in expensive brands. I can change pace, tempo and beats. It also has a very efficient and easy-to-understand interface. When I first downloaded it, it felt as if I have been using this software since my hands touched a keyboard. It is simply yet truly helpful and fancy in its own right.

Now, who can beat that? And that's just its main features. It also has other features best suited for the advanced users. Plus, and perhaps the most important attribute of this already extravagant software is that, it's free! Absolutely free. Just lovely.


OpenOffice: Opens Possibilities

One thing I found really fantastic about the OpenOffice applications is that it is readily available and downloadable from the internet and to think it offers the same features that one has to pay for in other products. You can have the word, presentation, spreadsheet, database, drawing and reviews. I can readily make charts, tables and graphs. I can easily come up with reports, memos and newsletters. I can make presentations almost instantly.

The icons and buttons you need are present in the interface. As in it's like right before your eyes. You do not need complicated keyboard character sequences. There are also built-in templates for letters and other documents. OpenOffice has a very lightweight design, requiring very low system resources for it to power up.

This is definitely a necessity for all computer users. If your office has it, then you're office document needs are all covered.


This is worth your money. Every BIT of it.

It really is such trouble to find your enjoyment hindered because some software malfunctions or fails to reach your expectations. That's what I felt with my previous torrent software.

So I searched. I looked and thankfully, I found. BitTorrent is not just your ordinary software. I loved how its interface is so user friendly that it felt as if I've been using it for a very long time. You can easily track your file transfers. Aside from that, its functionality is marvelous. You can filter the kind of files that you want downloaded.

Apart from the built in search engine wherein I can search for reliable torrent files, there is also a torrent creator. Surprisingly, it was very easy to use.

Well, if you want a software that pays your money's worth, then bittorrent is for you.

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