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What can I say....

If I could I would give this company 100 stars. They have supplied me with my wild life books for as long back as I can remember, through ordering by post and now online, and they have never let me down once. They have even found me books not listed and if they couldn't provide what I wanted then they have told me who can. Great service, great staff, fantastic endless supply of wild life reading material. May they forever reign supreme. Go onto their site and ask for the monthly catalogue to be emailed to you and you will see what I mean.

Axminster Tools & Machinery

Tool Paradise

Can't fault them on quality of products or quality of service and the very nice prices, great online tools store.


Why only 2 stars

The staff at Beatties are very knowledgeable about where things are in store and will give you full directions to the department you need. Beatties staff are always friendly, pleasant and courtious, also they are always well groomed. I can only give them 2 stars because they are a department store and you can't do a "Big Shop".



Staff are friendly pleasant and courtious they all know where evrything is in the store and will give you directions to the right department for you.
Why only 2 stars, simple, you can't do a "Big Shop" there, its a department store.


Only 2 stars?

I can only give Tesco 2 stars because the only thing worth buying from there is the bacon.


Getting Screwed

If you want a screw, nail or fixing of any sort this IS the place to go.


Good info on films

Not always up to date with the info but still worth 4 stars for the info thats there.


Like the shirts

I like Georges shirts, nic e styles, nice prices.


Super Cool Iceland

When Iceland say your shopping will be delivered at a certain time its THERE!! when they say. Take into account the prices and the quality food and you have to admit Iceland are icecool.


Great Lights

Want some good lights at a decent price then look no furthur than purchasing your lights online from Lightcraft. These same lights cost you a bucket of cash more in the high street. Also they have some you might not find locally in your area. No fuss quick delivery too. Can't be bad.


Good company for the little computer things

I have always had good service from Misco.


Never again

What a useless company this is definately not value for money. Will not use them again.


No alarm needed

Great, Parcel Force delivered a parcel for me today, beat my alrm clock. I love that early stuff no sitting around all day waiting and hoping your parcels going to come. Well done Parcel Force. I need a wake up call on Friday for 07:45 do you think you can make it.

National Lottery

Palace of Dreams

At least the Euro Lottery is. Like many others I dream every Tuesday and Friday of winning the "Big One". Hope its me tonight, I'm now dreaming of having pots of money so leave me alone, Please!


Pop in store for my urgent cables

Maplins is my fave pop-in-store for my computer cables and accessories I cannot wait for. Very Knowledgable staff, at least in my store they are.


Google is my home page

I've always had Google as my home page. Yahoo is a bit of a mish mash and as for Bing, I don't want to go there, Physically and Literally.


Purchasing off Ebay

Been purchasing off Ebay for many years, like the fact all payments have to go through PayPal. I use Ebay for those hard to find, usually end being second hand, items. Also like to put in a few bids too.


Simply the best

I dread having to use my card on sites that do not use PayPal, I have peace of mind when I pay for items through PayPal. I have been using them for many years without any problems. Although the account verification system is a little long winded. Still, 'better to be safe than sorry'.


5 star online store

Amazon has to be the best online shopping store. Never had a problem with any item I have purchased and transactions and deliveries have gone smoothly. Now I've said this "Sod's Law" comes into effect. lol


No fibre optic cable

I will only give more than 2 stars when this snail like company installs fibre optic cable in my area.

Ginger6 Computers

Quality Staff, Products, Price and outcome

I've ordered and had delivered or collected myself several products, from this efficient company, over the last few weeks and I have yet to be disappointed in any way. Five star service and 5 star company backed up by good prices, the prices will only be 5 star if I can get everything I want for a "Tennner". lol Otherwise very competitive.

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