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Make deals today, break them tommorrow

I cancelled my Sky account, the day before my payment date, thereby giving Sky one full month and a days notice. I have been with Sky on the full package since it started in 1991.
2 days before the package was to end, 20th of April, I was called by Sky, who offered me a half price package for 12 months on all but my HD and ESPN subs, amounting to £48 a month, instead of £71.50 previously.
I accepted the offer and expected it to come into effect 2 days later on 22nd April my normal payment date. However instead the service disconnected. When I called to ask what the problem was, Sky told me they had no recollection of "my call to them"? and that this offer was not available, but that I could have 25% reduction for 12 months instead. As you can imagine under the circumstances, i refused the shabby offer. Perhaps that might have been halved to12 and a half % 2 days later, who knows.

Quality ,value, speed, puts everyone else in the shade, just like its Sunglasses.

Logged onto the site, easily found the make and model of shades I was after. All necessary information was to hand, so all that was needed was to press the "buy now" button, and enjoy great shades at a fantastic price and all within 36 hours, from order to delivery.
Can't improve on perfect can you....

Nigel O'Hara Diamond Jewellers

service reliability top brands and value all in one place where can one get better.

I recently bought a Seiko divers watch from Nigel O'Hara in Belfast, the total experience was top notch, so if you are in the market for a watch or jewelry, you must try them first. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

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