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Absolutely appalling!!!!

This is my truthful personal experience of Bozowi, and my comments are not libelous and do not provide grounds for defamation. My review relates purely to my personal experience of Bozowi.

If you are as unhappy with this company as myself you may feel you need to act on my following advice below:

1. Log your complaint to CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) – Consumer helpline Tel: 08454 040506 after logging your complaint if they feel fit, they will notify The Trading Standards Office. You can also visit their website at the following link:

2. If you feel as strongly as I do regarding this company, you can inform Watchdog (Assuming this company haven’t already appeared on the programme) follow this link and click on your story:

3. If you do receive a letter from Bozowi as I did, which threatens you with Court proceedings and attempts to bully you into removing your negative comments, and you do feel you need to seek legal advice you can do so through the Community Legal Service Team their contact number is: 0845 3454345 you can also search for a free/low cost legal advice at the following website:
You will need to enter your postcode and click on “Consumer and General Contract”

I have also contacted Trustpilot via email as they approved my original comment on 17th July 2012 ticket number 77743 - I have also retained all email correspondence with Bozowi and Trustpilot. I have forwarded a copy of the letter to Trustpilot and as of 25th February 2013 Trustpilot have forwarded a copy of Bozowi's letter onto their legal team.

Below are my previous reviews of which I have had to amend slightly due to the said "letter" as on my original review of the 24th April 2012 I assumed the company had not e-mailed me, however, on the 25th April 2012 the company replied to my e-mail and surprisingly advised me to check my spam/bulk folder - coincidental???? I have no intention of removing my review and I will not be intimidated and harassed anymore by this company.

"Further to my comments posted in April 2012, which was reviewed and approved by Trustpilot (which I still have e-mail proof from in July 2012 when I assume Bozowi tried to remove then.) I received a letter from Bozowi yesterday (16th February 2013) which is harassing, intimidating and threatens me legal and court proceeding if I do not remove the negative comments which I initially posted. This is both disgraceful and reverts to bullying tactics. The comments which were posted will remain for other potential customers to see and will look forward to any court hearing with my own legal team, which will provide an opportunity for the courts to make their own conclusion. I would also appeal to any other dis-satisfied customers to feel free to contact me.
Please see below the original e-mail. "

"I would actually give this company a zero rating if possible! As like other reviews on this site, I was offered £59.00 for my iPhone 3G. The iPhone was in really good working condition. Three weeks after sending my iPhone a received a payment of £30.00 in my account not £59.00. I contacted the company and was told they sent me an email informing me they have downgraded my phone NO EMAIL WAS RECEIVED. Until they informed me on the 25th April 2012 to check my junk/bulk mail box and surprisingly the e-mail had somehow arrived in there! By which time they had processed my phone. They also informed me that they had downgraded my phone due to water damage - I had the phone from new and can categorically say it was never in contact with any form of water/liquid. I will certainly be informing trading standards!
It seems quite clear they attract customers by offering a good price which they are not prepared to honour."

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11 March 2013

Reply from Bozowi

Dear Charlotte, thank you for your feedback - your comments have been noted and will be considered in future updates of our site and procedures. Customer experience is important to us, which is why we are revisiting all of the historical feedback we've received thus far.

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