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Very poor

i bought a clearance cook yes i knew it was shop stock as it was on desplay so checked it fully and was in perfect condtion.payed in cash and waited for delivery 14 days later. well the delivery men were very helpfull they showed me 4 dnameged parts i wasnt happy bu said ok carry on and install so they did. they brought in to the kitchen to find no feet!!!! the feet were missing so could not install the cooker. they tried everry thing they could to get currys to send a new cooker. how ever i was the last one. so i phoned the customer care line who were rude and unhelpful the delivery men stayed to hear the phone call they could not belive it. all currys said they could do was refund me and could not help any futher. i asked for my local stores phone number to be tols sorry stores dont have phone numbers unknow to the customer care man the delivery driver was writeing it down for me,

phoned my local store to be told the same and they would give me a £20 voutcher as a good will. i had taken the day off work and have 2 children to feed no cooker and them saying sorry not our problem!!
i then spok to the manager of the store who was ok but not very understanding and i said if the feet were there i would except the item but there not so how is that my problem finaly they decided they could help me and now sending me a new cooker. not the one i wanted but at least i will have a cooker.

i will never shop at currys agains and belive there staff need to be more helpful and understanding.

i am a very unhappy customer


fantasic is all i can say

if you have a problem they are always willing to take back and do every thing possable to make you happy

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