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Not too bad

Have only used a couple of times but service and delivery okay. However, double check their prices... they are not always competitive!


Used to think this was a useful site... no longer convinced

I have become more and more cynical of people who seem to think the only way to get on in life is to promote yourself through LinkedIn.

I am sure these people are on commission or something (or spend most of their professional life on LinkedIn and most of their personal time on Facebook!)


Never heard of them!

Never heard of them!


Got an i-device... need iTunes

I mainly use iTunes for apps as I still prefer music on CDs.
However, everything seems to work as it should!


Easy to use - but very often damaged goods

Easy to use, but almost every time i shop with home delivery, items arrived damaged or missing. Their QA is not so good.


Default for anything on the web

What can I say, used for years, very happy!

BUT - move some of those sponsored results out of the way please. I do not want to search for "IT Training companies in London" on eBay! Think about it!


Great to okay, depending what you are looking for

I use Skype mainly for intercontinental calls. Whilst there are indoubted cost benefits the quality of the "line" (audio over IP) is often very poor with interference and or dropping of sound.

If you want to save money - great!
If you expect comparable quality to a phoneline - you might be disappointed!


Always found to provide great service

Have been buying from Amazon almost since they started in the UK. Always found prices to be competitive and service good. When I have had the occasional problem their customer services have been reasonably helpful. Keep up the good work!


Essential in today's internet world; but they know it!

I will not criticise the simple payment facilities that Paypal offer; they definitely fulfil an important role in the market for reliable, secure payments with small merchants who would not otherwise be able to take card payments (i.e. on eBay).

HOWEVER, PayPal (in my view) take advantage of this by charging over-inflated commissions on payments received which go way beyond any actual costs associated with the transaction!

eBay buying Paypal was a clever move; now they salami slice your selling price and your payment! Two commissions/profits for the price of one!


Great for tutorial videos... and the odd laugh!

I regularly use Youtube for tutorial videos for my hobbies (R/C models and SCUBA diving). There are always videos on there to raise a smile too! I have known people to teach themselves welding on the back of YouTube so give it a go. There is something for everyone.

Only niggle: the recommended videos suggested after playing one seem a bit random sometimes and sometimes not at all relevant!


Always my first port of call for 90% of my shopping!

Have bought everything from car parts to clothes, toys to tools on eBay. You have to know your stuff in advance as many sellers exagerate the quality of their items but you have to be realistic; if something looks to cheap to be true, it almost certainly is.

The internet's biggest hypermarket!

Simply Scuba

Great service - quick delivery!

I ordered a service item from Simply Scuba which meant I was in a bit of a hurry for the item. I ordered online one evening and the item was despatched the following day, and received the day after that. I could not have asked for a quicker turnaround on the order and this really helped me out.

Prices are not always the lowest but for such quick service I can accept this!

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