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Apalling way to treat O.A.P'S

We have used Sainsbury's home grocery shopping for some time.I have just recounted the money spent on them in the last twelve months and it comes to over £3,000. A substantial amount from the budget of an elderly couple.
We are both house bound and that is why we rely on them.
Yesterday they let me down.They just did not arrive,although the driver said he called,we know for certain that he did not.Sainsburys said they could not call back that day.They told me to telephone the distribution place and book a delivery for another day.
I said that this was not good enough and asked for a refund.Yes they said--it will take between seven to ten days! SAINSBURY YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE STINKS!!

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Should have more control over the take aways that they represent

I have no problem with they have too many disclaimers.
It seems that if anything goes wrong it is up to the customer to put things right. I placed my order with and it was transmitted to the outlet.But there it ended.The meal I got was late,luke warm and burnt.It was up to me to complain to the vendor.Other sights that I have used give you a fixed delivery time and update you on its progress.
All in all OK but could do better.

17 December 2012

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Dear Derek,

It is our responsibility to communicate your order to the restaurant accurately and in a timely manner. We handle all correspondence until your food is ready to go, and if there is an issue regarding non-delivery, we do our very best to communicate this with the restaurant.

We appreciate that you can understand that we are not physically in the kitchen or delivering your order, therefore we cannot guarantee that everything is sent perfectly. If there is an issue, we do forward this on to the restaurant and take it into account when reviewing our partnerships.

We have taken into account your comments regarding fixed delivery times as this is something we are considering for 2013, and thank you for your feedback.


Just Eat


Such a poor communicator.I also had my order cancelled because the restaurant at 1.15 miles away even though it was on my list.I had paid by debit card and was told I would get a refund in 7 to 10 days.
Simply not good enough

Just Eat

Going down the pan

Used to be very reliable with the restaurants and their payments.Just recently things have got really bad.
One restaurant that they had was only 1.15miles away but they stated that it was too far away to deliver.Today I have tried on 3 different occasions to make an order using my usual debit card but they have rejected each order even though my card is well in credit.
My bank says their security system is out of date.
I have been a good customer for several years,but never again.

27 September 2012

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Hi Derek,

I'm sorry to hear that your experience with Just Eat has recently been negative for you. I would like to look into this for you. Could you please email me with further details. My email address is

Kind regards,

Preena Kamle
Social Media Consultant

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