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Think twice!

My mum booked me a holiday to Barcelona for my birthday. It ha been nothing but hassle since then, she has been pestered by call centres in India trying to tell her they are rearranging the flight as the one we booked onto is cancelled. We are desperately trying to resolve this, as we work full time and have booked our leave around this and now we are going to have to change everything. The flight times have changed to ones we are really not happy with- initially we would fly home late and get the most time away but now flying back early so losing a whole day of our holiday. Still no resolution and a lot of time being wasted bounced from office to office. Definitely go with Expedia, if you like nothing to remain as you booked it and have days to spare talking to useless idiots in Delhi. What a joke!



Bought several items from this company in a short space of time. They trade on sales that end in a short period of time, which causes irrational purchasing which is clearly the only reason they are afloat. Everything is delivered long after its estimate and with no apology or explanation. I bought a set of sabatier knives, thinking it was good value. It wasn't. I got 5 knives in a block of 6 (so one inexplicably missing). All the 'unique great deals' do the rounds, and if you are into achica long enough you see the same crap remarketed under another name. For example from a 'colourful kitchen' sale to a 'joseph and joseph' sale, despite both being largely made up of the same items. The Nigella cookware range is on it every week. If you look hard enough you can find these items cheaper, and the postage isn't cheap at all so in all honesty, just go out and buy it. Face to face. Deliver it to your own door without dragging your heels the whole way and losing half the product in transit. If that becomes a risk, just double bag. An absolute joke.

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