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Liberty Flights

Trusted products from a trusted site

Ive been buying my Ecig supplies from here for just over 3 years now and have rarely had cause to complain. On the very rare occasions I have had an issue (twice I think), they have dealt with it promptly and replaced the goods at the earliest opportunity.
I have no hesitation in recommending not just the service provided, but also the quality of items stocked.

Faulty returns is a farce RMA 1127154

My 5 week old Power Colour graphics card is faulty – it freezes the screen with 2-tone blue vertical lines. I had to do a hard reset each time to get it back again. This happened 2-3 times a day nearly every other day. Thought it was the drivers, but no – it’s the card.
Ebuyer had had it for over a week and tested it for only 3 hours and tell me it's not faulty. It's been tested on my PC and on my brothers and it IS FAULTY. ...How can any technician worth his mustard by his own admission only test it for 3 hours?

There are so many complaints about the same fault with this graphics card on various forums and if you just Google it, you will see for yourself, I simply cannot believe this is the 1st instance they have encountered with it. I requested a new replacement, as is my Consumer Right, and they say until they see it is faulty, I can't have a replacement.
After phone calls they agree to re-test it - or so they tell me. Yet when I arrive home from work that very same day, Parcel Force have attempted to deliver it back to me from Ebuyer - THE VERY SAME DAY THEY TELL ME THEY HAVE SUPPOSEDLY PASSED IT ON FOR RE-TESTS! *************LIARS***********
Well, if they took the time to TEST IT PROPERLY IN THE 1ST PLACE, then they might have found the fault on day 1.
Have since contacted them again and no joy. Full log below of all details:

Card notified as faulty as reported in phone call for RMA request and paperwork
Graphics card returned at my expense.
Acknowledgement received for receipt of graphics card
am: Email from Ebuyer stating no fault found.
am: Phone call to Ebuyer returns and technical dept. Technician admits that although they had the unit for 5 days, they only tested it for 3 hours in that time. Stated this was insufficient and they agreed to carry on testing it.
Come home from work to find that Ebuyer had already returned unit and Parcel Force had left a delivery card. Called Parcel Force and told them NOT to re-deliver.
Started email conversations with Ebuyer customer service–. Was promised that they would ensure high-priority testing.
POD shows Ebuyer received unit back that morning at 9.01 am signed for by Potempski
Ebuyer email to say goods received THAT day – not the day previously as POD proves.
Having had no response from Ebuyer, I emailed them at 11:06am to request an update.

No response by 16:00pm so call at 16:14pm but lines busy so leave phone number as requested and expect call back within the hour. Still no response, so call them again at 17:49. They can ‘t give me any details as the Tech dept have all gone home. Told them I would now start dispute proceedings to get my money back.


04 May 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

I would firstly like to offer our most sincere apologies for the problems you have had with this graphics card.

I have been looking through your return and can see this is still ongoing as the item was already on the way back to you before a re-test was requested.

According to your return, this item is due to be processed today and a resolution should also be offered to you today.

If this is not the case, please email me at with your RMA number so I can continue the investigations for you.

Once again I apologise for any annoyance or inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team

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