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Terrible Customer Service

They overcharge customers then squirm and delay doing anything about it... the "guaranteed" price match is NOT "guaranteed" I have been in-store, sent emails and phoned and they are by far the worst UK based customer service I have ever experienced. It is heard to believe that the service is UK based, I may understand if they didn't speak English or were paid just a couple pence a day in some far corner of the world, but the staff I have spoken to are all British, clearly can speak English but simple refuse make any sense, email is the worst with slow response times and then they ask for another piece of information once you think you are getting somewhere, so have to send more emails. You have to scan your receipt - I don't have a scanner, doubt many have, thank god for mobile phone with cameras.

The expensive phone line is just holding music then staff who refuse to help, refuse to let you speak to anyone else.

Don't take my word for it just look at the other reviews here, look at the complaints on twitter or facebook. They really are clueless when it comes to dealing with customers.

A company selling child equipment proving it's not childs play to run a proper business.

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Poor product, no company reply to emails!

Thought the Sock-ons were a good idea, and indeed they worked when on,but when put in the wash with all his other clothes they have come out in a terrible condition. I visited the website and asked them for help, but am surprised to be ignored. Luckly I havn't opend all the sets purchased so will be sending them back for a refund. Would not recomend them to anyone and will be leaving reviews on both Amazon and ToysRUs websites where I had purchased them in the excitement of my new baby.


Dishonest and terrible customer service.

Firstly I would never normally use Mark & Spencer as all it's products are so massively overpriced it's a joke. One relative bought 12 crackers for Christmas at £15 and the quality were worse than pound shop ones with contents you wouldn't expect from a Kinder Surprise egg.

However back to my review, upon joining Sky I was given a £25 gift voucher so made a purchase from them online. Completed my purchase totaling £29 paying with the £25 gift voucher then the website says I need to pay the remaining balance £4 by an alternative method. I put in my Mastercard and the transaction completes.

They claim to charge the payment methods at the time of dispatch so the following day I get an email detailing the order but said the full £29 was taken from my card and no mention of the gift voucher.

I telephone the customer service number who to be fair answered very quickly but after passing the security questions and providing them with my concerns the agent said yes we know we have the problem all the time!

Why allow the problem to happen if you are aware of it? Presumably to see if they can get away with keeping the money from the gift voucher? Luckily as the voucher had been sent by email rather than a physical cardboard / plastic one you would buy as a gift I still had the details where as if it had been a physical one I would have thrown it away after cleaning out the balance.

When I questioned the response from M&S agent she was not worried and simply asked if there was anything else she could help with.

I am surprised people still use Marks & Spencer, it's just a shame they won't miss my custom as I never shopped there in the first place as I could always see they were more interested in shareholders than customers.

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Drivers don't even follow company procedure, then lie to customers...

Got my text/email from DPD giving me the one hour slot for delivery. 40 minutes before the earliest delivery time DPD turn up with my parcel with a piece of paper to sign. I ask "Is your scanner broken?" DPD driver responds "Yes". Then I question why it wasn't delivered in the hour slot given. Driver takes parcels back and says he will be back within the hour slot.

Driver took parcels away again and came back 100 minutes later - he basically wanted to tell his scanner that he delivered on time when he is delivering at random times. If he just said he was ahead of scheduled then it wouldn't be a problem to lie claiming the scanner is broken when it works 100 minutes within the hour slot is just another DPD lie which has become a regular occurrence from them.

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25 February 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Lisa,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. If you wish to discuss this matter in greater detail, please drop an email to with a contact phone number, and I'll get someone to give you a call as soon as possible.

Kind regards,



Products OK but they have NO stock control so what you order is normally out of stock!

The same price and quality of the clothes that you find instore, but the website will quite happily sell you products that are out of stock - so buy a 3 piece suit and expect the jacket to be missing, buy a 2 piece bikini and Matalan expect you to sunbathe topless!

When they are out of stock of an item they don't ask if you want something else (another colour / size etc) they simply remove it from the order and send the rest.

If as I found the half order was no good incomplete they refused to refund the original delivery they refused to pay for the return postage and just gave an email saying tough you agreed to the T&Cs

"13. We try to get product descriptions (both text and photographs) correct, and to ensure that product availability is accurate. However, product descriptions may change and availability may not be accurate. Where the description of a product changes, we will try to make you aware of this when you order, but you agree that we should send you the product which is in stock even if its description has changed. Where a product is not available, we will try to make you aware of this when you order, but you agree that we should send you any products from your order which are in stock even if one or more other products from your order is not.

So as I am very sorry we could not fulfil the order completely, on this occasion I cannot refund the delivery for the order as it does state in the Terms and Conditions that you agree that we can still send the remainder of the order, even if unfortunately we cannot fulfil certain items."

So for the sake of a few pounds each way Matalan has now lost me as a customer - if they had phoned or emailed before order dispatch I could have switch the suit to another design but they don't give you the opportunity.

The customer service timeframe is also appalling taking around a week to respond to each email, prefer to email so I have a record of any correspondence.

Company's Facebook page has plenty of similar problems. What's the point of a company joining social media if they don't read, resolve, reoccurring problems within the company. A Facebook page should be an advert for your company not a warning to new users!


Morally Wrong

Whilst this company is open In what it does, it is what it does that is dishonest. They admit that they target negative PR by flooding it with "made up" good PR to hide it. EG companies found on this website that have repeating bad reviews could employ this company to create good reviews to increase the score. This can be seen where the countries don't match the town/city locations and the text of the review is clearly written suggesting that they are UK based, yet the country of origin is abroad. When all good review come from one country and all bad reviews come from another country something is obviously going on - I'm sure this could work in reverse, if your competitor is getting loads of good reviews why not create loads of bad reviews for them.

This company may be able to help your company reverse the perceived reputation of your company - but in reality reputation is earnt not purchased - if you use this kind of service then you are clearly doing something wrong - put your time and effort into resolving the problem rather than paying this company to hide the problems you create....

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Staff can not read - what hope has anyone got?

I designed my T-Shirt as a single image incorporating text underneath the main image.

I uploaded the single image design to streetshirt, positioned and it looked great on the mini t-shirt online.

I awaited for the estimated delivery date - it didn't turn up, I then got an email claiming it would be processed but would take a week longer, - it didn't turn up for the second estimated date.

When it eventually did turn up there was a few problems:

1. Wrong size - ordered XXL received XXXL (I could live with it, but...)
2. Image location wrong - I positioned it on the belly of the shirt but turned up on the chest 3cm under the neck line. (I could live with it, but...)
3. The IDIOTS managed to mirror the image and print it upside down.

The text was not written in Russian or any other foreign letters etc. The wording said "Coming Soon" under a baby scan picture - hence the positioning at the bottom of the shirt not the top. But even with the "Coming Soon" clear Arial font text printed so it could not be read as they flipped and mirrored the image they claim that it passed Quality Control.

So it was LATE, WRONG SIZE, WRONG LAYOUT, WRONG IMAGE - but to be fair to them they did pick the right colour T-Shirt.

Sent them an email which I got an automated response claiming they were busy but would reply eventually, a month on they still haven't bothered. Tried phoning but no answer, at the time they had a Facebook page but this was just full of complaints about the company and I've notice they have since taken it down.

Should have read the reviews before I ordered but may have fallen for the positive reviews on this site that claim to be UK towns but the country are all "US". When you look at all the genuine reviews that are from "GB" you will see the 90%+ are all 1 or 2 star, with only a handful of positive reviews - a stopped clocked it right twice a day!

I presume while it's easy for them or a company to make up "positive" reviews here, the reason they took the facebook page down was that any reviews would have to be backed up with a real account - eg, real friends, real status updates, real photos etc. Not as simply and easy to create a profile as here.

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PHS - A Really RUBBISH Company

The good points - erm... they have blue bins, if you like blue that is one point in their favour.

The bad points - everything, their service is appalling, they miss collections, the local depots are run by idiots, depot phone staff seem apologetic but managers don't bother to call back. Then head office / account is completely full of computer says no staff. Head office bill you and claim that the invoices are correct as the screen says so, local depots admit to missed collections but Head Office won't accept it. They then make up charges, increase charges etc. They refuse to communicate, send all correspondence by recorded letter keeping copies for court. Do a simple search for PHS Wastetech on the Google and you will see thousands of complaints - their own website was lower in the results as the many review sites and business forums for some time, then they have obviously employed some non-English speaking SEO company to make dummy websites to dilute the complaints and make up false reviews which are written so badly it's obvious that they are done people who do not have English as a first language, some sites that record the IP location with each entry show they come from India! Maybe they collect from India too, but as they can't mange London I doubt it very much.

We had at one point a debt collection agency call regarding the outstand payments, when we showed the evidence they laughed and said "don't worry we'll send them the account back to PHS we are not interested in your business".

Just keep everysingle piece of paperwork they send to you, if they phone tell them to write to you so you have a record of it. After 8 months of made up charges and constant refusing to resolve the problem our solicitor wrote a single letter to them requesting that they take us to court, they came back saying that we are write and reduced the bill from £1200 to £152.00 - a price we agreed to pay as that was part of the service we had used, they wrote off the rest, in the same way they made them up in the first place.


A joke of a company...

Where to start with this cowboy outfit? They deliver in £100 beaten up cars, they don't deliver on the day expected, the phone customer service staff are useless (when they pickup), unable to find consignments, promise to call back but never do...

I simply will refuse to deal with any company that admits to using Yodel - Amazon have even anounced that they are refusing to use them from certain depots.

Be warned that there are two different companies / businesses trading as Yodel, so when ytou think you have contacted the right one you are informed "oh, no that's not us, you want the other one" and then given another number to call... I have delt with both sides of the business they are both as bad as each other.

Great stickers at great prices.

We needed printed clear stickers and searched the internet for over a couple of weeks until we finalised on Discount Banner Printing, they had the best prices and offered the most flexibility to meet our needs.

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