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They discriminated against us and ruined our wedding

Dont rent from this company. They completely screwed us over for our wedding day. We reserved a Porsche Cayenne for our wedding. We get to the counter with ALL documents they ask for and they say, 'no, you can't take the car'. You need a passport, we had local government issued ID cards as per Hertz own request via email "RENTER MUST SHOW PASSPORT OR ID CARD". We had 2 driving licenses with us, 2 ID cards and 2 credit cards as we were asked to do.

We then said, ok no problem we go home to get passports as it was only 15 minutes. The woman behind the counter says sorry we now cancel your booking because it will be late. We explained again that it is for wedding and they say "ok, you can have a small car, no problem, the Porsche is special". Ok, seems to us that every time we had an answer this woman invented a new reason not to give us a car.

We ask why our ID cards are ok for small car but not for the car we ordered and had bought all the info, cards, etc for. We can only assume this arrogant middle class woman behind the counter either was discriminating against us because of our nationalities or because of the fact that she thought we were not good enough to have a Porsche on our wedding. Which is kind of ironic as the Bentley rental people were very nice to us. Joke is ultimately on Hertz as we take our money elsewhere.


Een interessant titel

Great service, very nice people. Needs to allow bigger purchases, but other than that, great!


Terrible, stay away!

This Canon approved repair company tried to cheat us out of 500 euros. We sent our camera in for repair, we were told it needed a complete new power supply, mainboard and a few other things. Of course the camera was not worth repairing. We sent it to another small local company (not Canon approved) where the camera was repaired for under 50 euro!

Of course you want to make money but over charging people by lying to them is illegal. From 50eur to 500eur is quite a large amount of money. To cap things off, their customer services staff were very short (almost rude) during our entire correspondence.

Do not trust these people.

Blijf weg van

Ze zijn betrouwbaar, maar wel het duur optie. Ze publiceren alleen mijn goede product recencies, en als je een probleem heeft, zijn ze niet geintresseerd, en ook heb ze weinig kennis.

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