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Money went missing - despite 2 emails No Explanation from HIFX (poor service)

Transferred money overseas, in-coming wire showed 5.05 dollar missing. Receiving bank provided SWIFT Note showing incoming wire transfer and received amount (which was 5.05 less than what contracted HIFX to transfer) despite 2 emails and phone call HIFX have failed to deal with this matter. Very disappointed, going to use Transfer wise from now on

reply to Mark Bodega:
I validated all the fees with the receiving bank which was clearly displayed on the receiving bank side. The amount received for the first transaction was 5.05 USD less than what I contracted HIFX to send, I used HIFX to transfer a second amount giving benefit of doubt and the same issues re-occurred, this time it was 5.08 USD less than the amount I contracted HIFX to send. What upsets me the most is the lack of response to 2 emails sent about this matter – one on the 30/12/2013 and the previous sent 25/12/2013. Further, a telephone call between the dates failed to yield any reasonable explanation. It was only when I called in the new year and raised a complaint and spoke to Karen Steptoe that I received a response on the 06/01/2013 with a brief explanation indicating that it was a SWIFT charge invoked by your intermediary bank. I replied on the 06/01/2013 requesting additional information and to date have never received a response to that reply. VERY POOR POST SALES CUSTOMER SERVICE. The Email subject is RE: HIFX – your complaint dated 06/01/2103, you should be able to figure out who I am from that.

When I send money, especially through a service like yours, as a customer would like transparency of fees due. Not have money shaved off the top somewhere without explanation. I have compared HIFX exchange rates to transferwise, their rate is far better and they are more transparent on their fees. Hence the reason for my comment.

09 January 2014

Reply from HiFX

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to post your review.

Unfortunately without your name or any clue as to your identity I can't look into the exact issues you experienced when you made the transfer.

So I'm really sorry but I'm going to have to give you a rather generic answer.

As you know, we believe in making international transfers as cost effective and transparent as possible.

Whilst we always send the exact amount of money you specify in the transaction, the bank receiving your funds – or (as I think has happened in your case) an intermediary bank - may deduct fees before making the payment.

Some banks need an intermediary bank (corresponding bank) to process wire transfers, and this can result in an additional charge being deducted from the transfer before it reaches the receiving bank. Without knowing more details I suspect that an intermediary bank may have deducted the 5.05 fee from the payment, which is why the amount you received is less than the amount we sent.

Trust me it's just as frustrating for us as it is for you but unfortunately we have no control over the charges levied by third party banks.

I've just checked the website and we try to make it clear that whilst we always send the exact amount of money you specify in the transaction, the bank receiving your funds – or an intermediary bank - may deduct fees before making the payment.

We used to cover the fees the banks charged however, more and more banks both in the UK and overseas, are increasing their international banking fees and so, as I'm sure you'll understand, it's simply not possible for us to do this anymore (i.e cover the unnecessary charges other financial institutions levy).

Just a suggestion but check with your bank to check what I've said is correct and add the intermediary bank fee to your next transfer total to ensure you get the exact amount in your account that you need.

With regards the lack of response to your emails and phone call. I can only apologise on behalf of the whole team here at HiFX. Not that it helps you, but please rest assured I'll personally speak to the relevant teams and ask them to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Once again my sincere apologies and thanks for taking the time to post your review.

Kind regards,

Mark Bodega
Director - HiFX.

Superb - highly recommended

Answered all my concerns - direct and too the point. Did not waste anytime in explaining policies clearly and succinc. Empowered me to make the right choice with no pressure. Loved the fact offer included 1 month free.


in store order only delivered 3 weeks later

purchased item in sotre for delivery the following week, after no delivery was advised that the item hd been delivered. queired this and requested to see the signature, as I had nt signed for anything , nor had item been delivered. After much 2 and fro and wating a lot of my time to sort ti sissue out, they finally resent the item 3 weeks alter - though have still not advised what happened to the item they claimed was delivered. Absolutely useless, will not use again.


should dump thier outsourced spares supplier

Currys prices not bad, service is OK, but post sales support is appalling from thier outsourced spares distributor. PartMaster has to be one of the worse post sales spares distributors I have ever encountered. An absolute joke and nightmare to deal with that would prevent me from purchasing any further product from Currys. PARTMASTER, DIYSPARS, 4OURHOUSE all interalated incompetent companies with not one iota of understanding for customer satisfaction. Currys your choice of supplier has cost you my vote and future business.

AVOID like the plague

load of BS'ers. Bought a blender jug for sandstrom blender which clearly indicated it included the base and cutting blades in thier online picture, they delivered the item without the base and cutting blades. Despite refering them to the their online picture which clearly showed the items, they claimed the picture was outdated. Following up a couple of days after this, noted they had still used the same picture without any change. They are a bunch of first class BS'ers, as this was my second blender jug, the previous replacement I ordered through one of thier sister companies which did inlcude the items in the picture, yet ther still denied it. STAY CLEAR OFF THIS COMPANY, as well as thier other sister companies, they are all one of the same rubbish.

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