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I have recently had dealings with this company. I have found that they have various websites:

I ordered lenses from the site however did not receive dispatch notification. I emailed them and they told me that the lenses were on back order and that they would email me when the lenses were available. What good was that to me, when you need lenses you need them almost right away. I cancelled the order and received an email that the lenses would be dispatched shortly, however I had already bought again from my regular supplier, so emailed back to tell them to cancel.

A few days later and a few emails to them later I eventually got the cancellation email and was told that the refund would be in my account within 2-3 working days. Well it didn't arrive so I called them, some guy with an Asian accent answered and told me that the money would be in my account within 2-3 working days, I argued that I had already been told that 4 days ago but the money wasn't in my account. He just reiterated that it would be in my account shortly. I asked them for their company registration number in Jersey however he told me that he was not allowed to give that information to me. ???### I told him that is what a company registration number was for, so that people could check out businesses however, he was adamant that I would not get the number. This made me more suspicious, so did a little research and found the company operating from a defunct PO Box, noticed that they have 10 websites selling lenses, glasses and sun glasses, I also noticed that they go use various pseudonyms. Names I have come up with in this organisation are: Andrew Miller, Sarah, Kelvin Carter, Arun, Himanshu and Sunil.

Each one of their domain names have been registered by proxy by Go Daddy, which means the real registrants name is hidden. They use a server for all of their sites mentioned above, hosted by based in India.

I emailed again with all of my findings and copied them in on an email that I sent to their webhost: and another that I sent to Jersey trading Standards Two hours after I sent those emails, I received an email from "Sarah" from notifying me that they had made the refund.

Success, I received the refund today, 1 month after I initially give them my money, however I am convinced that I would not have received anything back from them If I had not aggressively pursued them in the manner I did.

I would advise strongly about paying money to any of the websites named above, and in future just beware who you buy from on the internet. First make sure they have an address and not a PO Box number, you can check the address on Google to see what telephone numbers are attached to it. Make sure the have a Geographical number, not 08, 03 or mobile numbers. go and check the domain on, if it comes up that there is no registrant details, don't buy from it. Lastly call the number on the website before you make a purchase to ensure there is a real person behind the business, if there is no phone number available then you don't want to be dealing with them.

NO Doubt the people behind the sites mentioned above will continue registering domains and putting up websites, therefore Don't get caught out by them again, Check before you buy.

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