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Poor and totally infexible service.

I've given them 2 stars - and it narrowly escaped being no stars - only because they did try to help - at least initially - but sadly did not succeed in solving my problem without my spending my own time, money and initiative to plug the big gaps left in their pitiful attempts at service.

I had a British Gas Service Contract which included cover for an integrated fridge, washing machine and hob/oven - costing nearly £40 per month!

Apart from a few boiler related calls over the years I didn't need to call them out until my Fridge stopped working. The first engineer came - just opened the fridge door - and said "the compressor needs replaced". He said it would take a few days to get and a week or so later a second engineer arrived with the compressor - but claimed the fridge was "jammed solid" and couldn't be taken out from under the work top to fit the compressor. He therefore declared it "beyond economic repair" and left.

Later on my son and I had a look under the work top and found the fridge carcase was screwed on to brackets under the work top. Once we removed the screws we were able to slide the fridge out quite easily.

We were going to contact British Gas and ask them to send the engineer back with the compressor he had with him the previous time. but we found on the web for this cost £177 - while a new fridge was only £160! We told British Gas this and said we would prefer to go down the new fridge route and could we schedule an engineer to come back and fit the new fridge when it arrived.

Things went quiet - no new appointment made. We fitted the new fridge ourselves (not rocket science) and are still awaiting any compensation from British Gas.

On reflection I would have been much cheaper putting this nearly £40 per month into a piggy bank and using small local companies to sort things out as and when needed. They would also come when I wanted them - no need to hang about for 5 or 6 hours waiting on them. BG will only give you a window from 08;00-13:00 or 12:00 -18:00 and won't ring you more than 10-15 minutes before arrival - so imposssible to go anywhere othe rthan the end of the street duruing all this time!

I'll never ever take out any "service contract" or "extended warranty" with any major company again!


Good value and service

As a new granddad I soon discovered my new grandson was proving very "dear" to us in more ways than one! To make it easier for him and his mum and dad to stay over (and allow his mum to catch up on her sleep!) we looked in all the usual High St outlets for a cot, mattress and high chair for our own house.

Astounded by the costs of these items - but not wanting to stint on quality - a friend recommended Kiddicare. An order placed ealy afternoon was delivered the next morning. We couold track its progress online - and the courier even told us the specific hour window during which it was to be delivered. It arrived just a couple of minutes into that hour - so we didn't need to wait in or hang about waiting on it arriving (British Gas - take note!).

Glasses Direct

Excellent quality and value

After paying through the nose to high street opticians for many years I was most interested to see the article on Glasses Direct in "Rip Off Britain". I ahvbe now bought 3 pairs of glasses, 2 for reading aand one for long distance - spening well under £100 in total. Recently the leg broke off one pair of the reading glasses bu this was promptly fixed FOC with Glasses Direct even paying the postage both ways! Just imagine asking your High St optician to refund your bus fare or parking charges!

I am already recommending them to friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.

I just wish a "Glasses Direct" type of compoany would enter the banking arena and let us avoid another part of High Street Rip Off Britain!

Lang may yer lum reek!

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