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Terrible Company Schlechtes Geschäft!

This company accepts credit card (and charges a small surcharge for the pleasure) but breaks every credit cards rule in dealing with them.

I paid for the product, and it was shipped very quickly (at first this was going to be a 5* review, despite the item being faulty). The item sent was faulty, but also the quality of the product was below expectation so I decided to get a refund rather than a replacement. The company agreed with the fault of the product (it had a manufacturing defect) but would not refund my credit card I had paid to use.

Instead they would only refund to my English account (despite then picking up transnational charges, exchange charges meaning I got less money). Such a method is against MasterCard (how I paid) rules, as well as all other major credit card companies. I was advised strongly by my bank not to hand my details over to this company, and they insisted this company was acting either negligently or fraudulently. I emailed Get.Digitial multiple times with my bank's response, and each time they said 'reversing credit card transactions is impossible' which is 100% a lie as made clear by my bank.

In the end my credit card company reversed the credit card transaction which was a hassle that wasn't needed.

Not worth your time, BUY FROM AMAZON or another similar company with infinitely better customer service.


Best Price, Best Service.

Said the item would take 3-4 weeks on website and phone, arrived in just 2.

best price for said item... what more can I say! after messing around with a lot of other charlatans in germany, this company proved to be refreshing.

Danke shoen


Same Amazon, different country!

Fast postage, great service, bought a few items already from the .de site, and as usual, everything is perfect. An asset to the online community. Prices aren't the cheapest (although much cheaper then high-street prices) but the service and aftersales is worth it in my opinion!


Bad Company. Selling items with 1-2 days delivery that arn't even in stock!

Bought a Kenwood FP972 blender, 1-2 days delivery. 24 hours after purchasing the item I looked online (as I had not received a delivery message) and the item was showing as 12 weeks till delivery for new purchases. I tried calling this site (but the phone line directs you to email contact only!!!) I emailed Besserepreise saying will it be 12 weeks? if so please cancel my order and refund immediately. The email was answered over 24 hours later, stating that the item would not be available to me on time and that I would be refunded immediately.

Payment was made via PayPal as company had no credit card or debit card system (bank transfers only or PayPal) PayPal refunds are instant, and no refund was made today.

This company's invoice did not show:

Delivery time originally stated
delivery time expected etc

also the company made no attempt to contact me with a problem with this delivery.

Will never use again, and will advise strongly against to anyone looking to buy from this place. I'm sure the money will be refunded, if not I will add to this review and inform PayPal of a fraudulent sale.

Royal Mail

Unreliable, and the prices just keep rising!

Royal mail states that they have raised 1st class post to match the continent... yes, but the contienent offers a realiable service... its like the chicken or the egg, but with business you dont charge more to become better, your supposed to offer the best service and then charge more on the back of your repuation!

Have lost countless items with royal mail. Deutch post doesnt have these problems. Still when i lost anything of any value (under $40) they have refunded the items, so could be worse. Would have rather the items arrived in the first place however!

One other huge critisism is sometimes my postman has LIED 100% and put a letter through the box saying i wasnt in when trying to deliver something. Ive even been at the top of my stars (live in maisonette) when one postie put the letter through my box. Did she knock? lol, no, i didnt even realise until it was too late, thought it was just regular post)


Without doubt, the WORST customer service I have ever experianced.

This is the company that actually may havemade me midly xenophobic against indian call workers! After calling up about a problem with one of my bills, i ended up talking to an indian who was telling me lies and not listening to my problem. Even after telling him 10 times, he kept on reading from a script or repeating the same thing. In the end i was passed to another person.

This person was either taking the mic with me, or had the strongest accent ive eveer heard. I didnt understand a word he was saying (sounded like facejacker). I lived in thailand for 2 years, im used to strong accents, which makes me think he was just fooling me. After 4 minutes of saying "pardon? i dont understand you" i hung up, and recalled to speak to someone else.

The person who answerd was again indian, in an indian call centre. He was clearly watching TV, and every 5 seconds there was either canned laughter blurting down the phone (or maybe genuine laughter from the office workers watching a tbv program??.) the guy was not interested or following anything i was saying, so i assume he was watching TV (it was very very loud, so must have been on his desk or bery close).

I hung up after 10 minutes (after waiting 30 mins to be put through in the first place.

I then called customer complaints to complain about the lack of english, understanding, the TV, etc etc.

Guess where the complaints line goes too?


the person i spoke to sounded exactly like one of the people i was speaking to earlier. After 5 minutes of strong accent i gave up.

I have asian friends, from all over the continent, so im not complaining becuase of racial issus, i couldnt care who anwers my call as long as its done professionally. But to have people who cant be understood, people watching tv instead of listening to you, monkeys with scripts rather then intelligent autonomous people is just a joke.

but the icing really is your complaints... complaints should be english people... complaints should not be some poor muppet in india with a script that can barely speak the language, it should be a well versed UK person who understands the situation and can deal with each case on an indivual basis.

BT is the worst support ever, period, and i was almost in a rage by the time i had finished with this waste of around 5 hours of phone calls. If what i experianced is normal for the company there really should be an inquest! not being able to speak to someone who i can understand, who speaks my own language to deal with my problems for a telecoms monopoly would be ILLEGAL no doubt. Can't wait until this company changes or bites the dust as it slowly looses its monopoly grip on our telecoms.

Shame on you BT!!!!!


Tasty Pizza, but very misleading offers border on fraudulent.

241 pizzas
your large pizza listed at £10

but if you get 241 it becomes £16

Eh? no small print anywhere showing this, and the large pizzas are not shown as reduced from £16, they are shown are £10 at regular price..... Dubious.


Terrible (Guildford) shop

Took my new watch to them to have a couple of links taken out. Came back later and took the watch. On my way home i noticed they had scratched it in a couple of places (nothing to bad, but it was an expensive and new watch!) when i put it on at home i realised they had only taken the links of one side of the watch so it was unbalanced.

I called up, and the guy said on the phone that he had taken them off equally on each side...... even though i was holding the watch right there in my hand! i said to him i have the proof right here that you didnt, but he wouldnt accept it. after a little argument he said he would look at it again.

I shouldnt have given it back to them, after the scratces etc, but it was more out of principle to be honest as id paid £5 to have a quick and easy service to be done, and they had completly ballsed it up!

in the end the watch was sorted but at the cost of another small scuff on the face of the watch!!!!

Would never use again, and if I had the time and energy would have taken them to small claims court for damage of property while under their care!

You have been warned, dont give them your watch! maybe their shoe repairs and key cutting service is better..... i dont know.


You get what you pay for.

Debenhams is more expensive then your budget clothes but the quality of all their range of different companies always seems very high. Their store discounts are brilliant, and you can grab a real bargain. I have bought quite a few clothes from them and am always impressed. Loose a star for your shoe seleciton though, its amazing for woman... just plain terrible for men... we do like choice to you know ;-)


Top quality service & great products but they are poorly built

Great mouse and mat from them. First mouse had a problem. Contacted razor and they update drivers etc to try to help, didnt, they responded very quickly to arrange a return with the supplier. Can't knock them considering they can't be a very big company, great service and best mouse and mat ive ever owned by a long time.... yes a good mouse mat really does make a difference, surprising isnt it!

Edit: second mouse died after 9 months! Got a replacement via amazon. at the same time my friends Razor mouse died to (only 11 months old) beware Razor quality, seems bad!

Customer service were friendly though so still get 4 star :-)


Always have problems...

I dont think its BA's fault, but Terminal 5 is a joke (and thats where all BA flights go from.) I always have delays every time i fly with BA, and i NEVER get this with lufthansa (terminal 1).

Also BA seem to have loads of staff, but not nice extras like newspapers etc (sometimes they have but most times not). Only choose BA when they are significantly cheaper, otherwise i choose other airlines.


Two ways of getting to frankfurt airport, and lufthansa wins everytime!

Lufthansa always offer a slection of papers for free (every flight) unlike other airlines, and ive always found the staff curtious and the flights trouble free. The prices are very reasonable.

Dolphin Music

Got a Great bargain.

Quick dispatch, no probs!


Expensive as hell, but great customer service.

Not a huge fan of apples walled garden, but their tablet is the best on the market and the iphone 4s is one of the better phones out as well. The Service from apple is pretty amazing, but then again with the prices they charge they can afford to be!


Top German Bike Company

Got my summer wheels sorted out, great service ;-)


Always out of stock! Glasses are LETHAL!!! very illegal.

Half the items i wanted were out of stock, and theres always a lot of things out each time i check.. annoying. Quality of stuff really varies. Some stuff is a complete abrgain, but some stuff is damn right crap.

Every single glass i have bought here (pint, wint and juice glasses) has broken whilst washing, by myself, my wife and friends.

I would take them to court if i had the patience as i cut myself really bad once on one of their glasses as it broke when cleaning it (with the lightest pressure)

I would give it one star for this alone if it wasnt for the fact that other things such as my sofa bed really have stood the test of time and look as good today as when i bought it.

Ikea if your reading this, sort out your glasses, i play guitar and your glasses cut me enough so i couldnt play for a week!!! i could have taken you to court and i still then had glasses to proove how fragile and delicate they were and broke very easily when being cleaned. Sort it out before you end up with someone loosing more blood then i did!


Great service provided

But irks me that a company owned by ebay also charges on transactions on the full amount paid, not the amound after ebay has taken money. That is double dipping by my accounts.


One of the best monitors

Im a 3d gamer, and the aw2310 has seen me through some fun times. Being replaced now by newer tech, but the build quality etc is still the highest ive seen on a monitor. Top rated product at a premium price!


Bloody great internet!

Fast connection, free upgraded router. Will be coming to you soon enough for my mobile too (after my run in with vodafone).


With them for 12 months

Called to move my 12 month contract onto a pay as you go when it finishes next month. Told i would have to wait another month even though ive havnt used a single minutes of allowance in the past 6 months! I know that it must have been in the small print somewhere, but its still robbery, i have given them 4 weeks notice before the end of my contract (i thought expires) to change into a new contract, and i really havnt used the phone at all so they have been getting £35 a month for no use at all.

Feel cheated. Me and my wife both have contracts with them (the other one a £40 a month) they will both be cancelled at the end of the 12 months and i will not be using Vodafone again.


Terrible driver support

This company makes great hardware (imo) but it all is backed up by shoddy software and the slowest driver update system youve ever heard of. There top line midi keyboards didnt support 64 bit cubase with hyper control and thats just crazy. 64 bits donkets years old.


Great looking gear at affordable prices

However those affordable prices come at a price. Im not a fashionhound, but selling fashion items at normal prices means its not fashionable anymore.

The main problem i have is with superdrys quality. Ok, it all feels GREAT at first, but stitching seems to come loose with all their stuff rather quickly. cheaper stuff is more hardy. My leather jacket (which really wasnt cheap at al) and my water proof (which was about average price i guess) have both had problems. tshirts seem to be a little better.


So expensive its a joke.

I think like most people i stopped buying games at Game ages ago. Their used games are more expensive then new ones from most other shops, and their new games are often already opened, so how do you know if these are not returns? Stick to other reputable sites that offer games, that are gaurenteed brand new. Game needs to be allowed to die a quick death.

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Mixed bag

Bought a suit from here, was amazing, great value and i prefered it to what was offered in Boss and other major suit makers.

The shirts however were terrible quality, every white shirt (tried 5) had yellow botches soemwhere on them. According to a friend he has had a similar experiance with MS clothes quality dropping as time progresses, and their not cheap either! MS really needs to get control of quality, as it doesnt seem to know what it wants to be right now. Primark is cheaper, debenhams offers vastly better quality (for a similar price) so where does MS fit into the equation?



Prcies could be better, but sometimes can grab a real bargain.

ASM Retail Solutions Ltd

Two man Operation. Don't know if this review is fair but...

I checked reviews for this site (but got confused with deals4u.co.uk which got good reviews here). After placing an order, i was worried about the fact there was absolutly no sign of a delvery date on any of the invoices generated, plus the invoices looked a bit crappy, and had a really low small order no. (suggesting they don't do a huge volume of business).

I checked trust pilot again and realised that this company got terrible reviews.

Anwway i called up and eventually got through to them (they obviously have only one phone with no answer machine etc when its busy.... poor)

The guy on the phone was friendly enough, said the item was in stock but couldnt give me a delivery date. Due to the fact all the negative reviews said these guys lie etc, i thought it was best to cancel it, seeing as even though i asked 3 times he could not even say it would be delivered by next week.

Anyway the item was cancelled immiedtly on request which i got an email prooving.

I have given two stars based on the fact that this is obviously NOT a real company but a trader operating a very very small business. Due to that, and the fact he lists as much as a larger company, the fact he appears only to have one phone for the operation, no answering machine, no account system to verify orders etc etc, i would be incredibly wary about this company.

On the other hand he was 100% cool about me cancelling the order, which definatly earns a point!

Might not be quite a fair review as i cancelled the order, so take from it what you will. I orderd from another company, and it has already been dispatched! only a little more in money paid. If you want to take a risk with these guys i think it may be worth it if you are willing to wait, but i would imagine that after sales and support would be weak to non existant with only 2 people, so would advise against puchasing expensive monitors etc.


Great if you have NO luggage.. but stealth costs ruin this company

Ryan air is criminal, theres no two ways about it. Judges have stated on a few cases ryan air push the law to its very limits. They charge for everything, they even try charging for getting your tickets at the airport (even though this is illegal under aviation law)

Worst mangers ever, rude, agressive, obviously been briefed that the customer is always wrong, unless it involves getting money from them. Single people with one small bag ryan air can be great (if the price is low enough)

I only fly with BA or local airlines such as lufthansa etc now. It works out much cheaper if you have luggage!


Great tips

Saved fortunes with this site, whats more to say!


Worst company ever?

Origin is expensive, EA DLC is obcene, its expensive and its often really poor when compared with the main game in terms of value... map packs for the same price i bought the game? no thanks.

EA is doing more to destroy gaming then any other company, closing down servers such as Burnout revenge, even though it made second hand users pay extra to access these online services.

EA also is trying to kill PC gaming AGAIN by fracturing the supply, adding horrible DRM to its products and charging insane prices and sold exclusivly through origin.

EA ruins games companies (ok so it makes games look GREAT and really helps with production values) but games get trampled on by them

Dragon age 1... most immersive RPG ever?? and then mr DLC salesman trys selling DLC to you right in game at the camp. WTF? i paid £20 for this game, leave me alone! it really really spoilt the immersion.

Dragon age 2? console crap right?

Crysis? best game ever. Teams up with EA crysis 2? I completed it, it was terrible. was a completly different game, and the enemies moved the same time one each reply.... production was AAAAA+... quality overall was C-.

If i had one wish it would be that this company would go bust, and that all the developers would join together to create a new company that was aimed at making profits by DELIvERING NOVEL CONTENT not by churning out mass produced games with no difference between them all.

EA screws gamers, and if you love EA and love EA games you get screwed the hardest with obcene priced DLC. I own about 400 games, but i promised to either not pay or not pay for any more EA games if they are via origin.

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What a turd.

Have only one game on here,and the experiance was and is terrible. Prices are EXTREME! Everyone saying this is good for competition is mad, as they are stoping there games from being sold on other platforms. For healthy competition we need all the games being sold by multiple services. Origin is clunky, slow and i uninstalled it the second i completed the game i was playing.


Great prices (on sale) Terrible service

Steams great, but if you have problems expect a good few days before anyone from steam helps you. The UI is functional but limited, and really need a huge overall into the modern era. NO tags on games, just one category availble per game etc. Also, steam allows games with 3rd party DRM such as 5 total installs (crysis warhead for example) which is terrible. Steam was made huge becuase it simplified PC gaming. DRM which means you loose the right to play a game you have legally purchased becuase you have changed your os, motherboard, overclocked etc is just ridiclous.

Would need better service, better UI and to top allowing draconion 3rd party DRM onto the system. Dont mind gamesforwindows (its shit and slow but i can live with it) but install limit without being able to revoke licences is criminal!

John Lewis

Just a great site with loads of great things

Bought a john lewis washing machine, great reviews, 6 years gaurantee.... also their glasses etc (tumblers and wine) are really good value for cut glass. Will be making lots more purchases there soon!


Am I the only one with a good branch?

Santander has amazing online banking, unified across all of their services, i can access both credit cards, my bank account savings etc all from one page. Brilliant.

Plus no pin sentry or other crappy devices, they just text your phone with a code on new payments.... brilliant. for people complaining, if banks didnt do something to prevent fraud (which is growing all the time) they would pass those costs onto you! so its better to have a small non offensive payment protection rather then increased banking costs.

Also at most i have to wait 5 minutes to pay in cheques etc, but i could always use to ample deposit machines in my branch in Guildford.

Also, when i have called them it has been instant through to the other side, and I opened up a business account with them after a 30 minute one on one chat.

Also there zero credit card is amazing... i go between UK and Germany a lot, and i can use that without incurring fees.

All in all nothing but positives for the company, and the people at Guildford branch are friendly. (They did refuse giving me a mortgage however, so had to go with another bank!) but meh, small fry.


Average Customer service.

Bought an american fender deluxe, and the alan key supplied didnt fit into the guitar. Could they replace it with another one from one of the other fenders? nope... they advised me to spend more money on an over inflated multi alan key device from their stores.... Not impressed.

This was a while ago, maybe its better now? I had bought a ton of stuff form here until that point (many thousands of pounds) since then i have bought nothing from there bar a string or two if im really desperate.


Great, but used to be the cheapest...

Ive bought tons of stuff from ebuyer, always arrived on time or earlier. Had one dodgy product and they accepted it back no problem. Cant fault them.

06 June 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

I am very glad to hear you have ordered numerous items from Ebuyer and that they have always arrived on time or early.

I apologise for the item you had a problem with, I am pleased this was taken back with no further issues.

Your comments on our prices will be passed along as we are always looking for ways to improve our service.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team


Perfect Online shop

Bought loads of things from amazon, always quick postage. Ive had one problem (almost 1 year after i bought the item it got faulty) live support was quick and very helpful, returned item (amazon paid) and was refunded in full as it was a known problem with the device. All in all very good site with competative prices. Will keep on using ;-)

Arcadia Entertainment

Scammer site, Phone number (on paypal) is Local Council

This site is Bogus. Paypal unverified, and his paypal account has govt council offices as number of business (aka FAKE). Paypal dispute started Seller hasnt responded in a week. Couple more days and paypal automatically refund me.


Great customer Service

Rating service only, not prices or food. If you have a problem, tesco always sorts it out quick and will refund without quibbles and arsing around. The way it should be :-) Fantastic customer service and helpful people on the phones who seem to be there to help you rather then fob you off (like many other customer support lines).

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