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why change things?

Every little helps? Does that include the complete in-store reorganisation that appears to have been masterminded by a 7 year old crack addict?

Our local Barrow in Furness store has almost completed a store refurbishment. Quite what has been achieved is anyone's guess.

You would have thought that the layout of stock in store would follow some sort of logical arrangement? They're having none of that! The toilet rolls are now on the sweets and chocolates aisle. Why? Also, biscuits are on the expensive bottles of booze aisle. Whereas previously they were stored safely out of the way with the wine, they are now fair game to get smashed on the floor by an inquisitive toddler looking for his jammy dodgers.

Other than that, they've spent a fortune on fancy new sheds for the trollies to live in and a pointless "hello" sign.

Finally, the £10 Tesco Finest meal deal. It competes with the Marks and Spencer deal and is actually very good.

The only complaint is when they "forget" to code one of the items into the system, so you then get charged full whack for everything. Now if I was being cynical, I might think that this was a ploy to stitch up their loyal customers good and proper, as how many of us check the bill at the end?

At least 5 times over the last year I've been at the customer services desk because the offer hasn't activated at check-out. Is this a conspiracy to increase profits, or are they just incompetent? Who knows?

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