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Good idea but usability needs improving

Review sites in general are, I believe a good thing - and I always read reviews before making a purchase. Don't always believe them, but they are useful nonetheless.

Decided to contribute to Trustpilot and the first experience was good.

When I came to add another review . . . . well, that wasn't. Sorry trustpilot, but your usability sucks when coming to add more reviews!


Good phones let down by poor quality control

Had an HTC Desire and recently upgraded to a One X. Wife has a Samsung S2.

Why does HTC insist on putting a different overlay onto a reasonable product. Putting Sense 4 onto ICS just slows response.

And whilst I like the phone, I got a One X with screen issues. Then the replacement had the same (although less obvious) screen issues. Not happy. No issues with the Desire. That's the only reason it get's 3 stars. Am debating on sending this one back - again, but not sure what I will get this time.

City Link

Much better thay HDNL

I've not had many deliveries from these people, but those that I have, well . . . HDNL could learn lessons from them.

They deliver/pickup when they say they will, drivers always helpful (so far) and seem a much more professional outfit.

Unfortunately they seem to be second choice for Amazon (must be due to the contract not the service) but I would use them over any others I have used recently


OK as a network, not so good as a reseller

Came time to renew and phoned up to ask for the contract to be terminated. Fair enough, they asked why and went through some options. Gave me what seemed a good deal to stay with the network and . . . the confirmation they sent through quickly did not mention cost, nor did ANY contact with them. I didn't get a confirmation by email either about what I had signed up to.

I was rather naive I admit taking their word for it. Came time for the bills and they didn't give me what I asked for - in fact instead of it being £24 per month it was £37. And of course, despite the 'your call could be recorded' routine, they couldn't find a record of the conversation anywhere. Morale. Reasonable coverage and service - just CHECK and ask for confirmation in writing of anything they say. They can't be trusted in that way


Good to a point

Good as a payment mechanism. But it isn't a credit card so you don't have all the protection a card gives you - in the UK anyway. And the costs! If you use it on eBay get your tissues ready - especially as it's the same company. I don't think they 'handshake' the transactions rather feast on them.

Still - OK at what it does; could be so much better!


Great product set and does what it says on the tin!

The tools that Google give you to surf the net are great - and beyond. Street view, maps, Android are great.

Unfortunately only given 4 stars not 5 because of the recent changes in the privacy policy and also the massive tie in to where you are and what you are looking for etc. Call me paranoid but it's all getting a bit 1984'ish and I'm starting to twitch when I look over my shoulder - even though I haven't actually done anything wrong. I may have thought it you see, and that's what's next! On a serious note though, if for whatever reason Google thinks you may have done something wrong, you loose everything until you can somehow straighten it out - email, contacts, EVERYTHING on that integrated phone of yours linked to your google account.

But - it's great at what it does. Lets keep our fingers crossed for the rest shall we?!


Avoid at all costs

Delivery is a state of mind - you state the date you want and they don't mind when they deliver it.

All sorts of issues with Amazon deliveries - going missing, being late, not being picked up.

If you can - avoid like the plague until they start to actually have some customer care!

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Great seller - great service.

Used Amazon too many times over the last year - the prime service is great and well worth it for me. Not always the cheapest but you can shop around. Their service is exemplary though and worth a bit more for the peace of mind.

Just wish that they would get rid of those useless delivery people - HDNL - who seldom deliver when they say and come up with all sorts of excuses. Remember that a 'guaranteed' delivery date isn't.

After all that though I would full recommend Amazon and the after sales service they have is second to none!


Good if you are buying - expensive if selling

Have used it many times. Mainly to buy as it's useful (even if you have to be careful that some things on there are MORE expensive than in the shops.

Always found it expensive to sell, and the forced tie in to PayPal is VERY annoying. Even as a buyer it doesn't give you the protection it claims. So, as a niche it can't be beaten. Just watch those charges!

Tyre Shopper

Smooth transaction - so far

Have regularly used Tyre Shopper and only put the 'so far' in there in the hope that I haven't jinxed the experience/service! The tyre(s) are there when agreed and the staff (I've used National) have always been helpful.

I say always, but on one occasion they weren't, so they upgraded the order for free rather than have me come back. Can't say fairer than that!

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