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Winner Blackjack Payout

I just played the most interesting blackjack that I’ve ever seen at Winner Casino. It’s called Lucky Blackjack and it’s the only blackjack you’ll ever play where you’re not dealt any cards! That’s right, only the dealer gets the cards.

All I had to do was guess what the dealer’s hand was. Only one deck of cards is used, so it’s easier than it sounds. The dealer can only have 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, Blackjack or Bust. That gives you 1 in 7 chances of winning – a lot better than the other games I’ve played.

My first guess was right on target – 18. I did 9 more bets and ended up winning 5 times. The payout is a lot better than regular blackjack – you can’t go bust when you’re not dealt any cards!

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