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Rent it or buy it in a very simple and inexpensive way.

I find it a great site to buy or rent textbooks for any class, with great quality at a very low cost.

Keep translating!

I use this one to translate and learn new words in other languages and in English too, it is quite informative and easy to use, I love it :)


Best football manager games ever

It has everything, and it is unlimited about what you can do as a manager of your own team, the only thing I would love to see is a little change, in which the hattrick live matches instead of reading what happened in the match watching a mini java, shockwave, ms silverlight, or any video platform of what happened in the match, and also a feature of changing that background color of the website, not just green, but purple, black, blue, red, yellow, etc. Other than that the game is great.


My dear Ebay,

My experience with you it's always great, I find everything I need, and cheaper than anywhere else you're still to my opinion on top of the game, so keep it up.


The Leader!

Whoever doesn't know Amazon they don't know how to shop wisely over the internet. With Amazon, 99.9% of the things you want to buy you will find it there and many of them cheaper than any other store. I recommend it very much to anybody. Keep it up.


Just twit..

To me twitter is just like a big news and gossip website, in which everybody gets to find out what other people (famous or not), organizations, TV shows, etc. do. It's just like texting, you can just write 160 characters as your status? Or maybe a picture? Really? That's why you also have a Facebook, with FB you can do all of that already, and follow people too. Twitter doesn't surprise me, is just like any other simple social media website. Thank you.


Just use it!

I conceive Paypal very much, hopefully it never gets hacked or take advantage of its customers. It is used for many millions of people and trusted almost everywhere for any monetary transaction, and so far for me it hasn't let me down yet, when I purchase something using it or when transferring money from one place to another, it is just great!


Top Video Website

I just simply love it, it is the best video site out there and the most complete collection of videos, where you can find anything you would want to watch and from many languages. One feature that some other video website have that I'd love YouTube could add is the ability to change the aspect ration of the videos played like 16:9, 4:3, etc, and an ability to "switch on and off the lights" of the website, while watching a video so it looks darker if you don't like putting the vids on full-screen..


Great buying website!

You can find many things at cheaper costs compared to other retail stores. It's very easy to more around the site and find what you need.



Google is the best search engine out there, gives you more specific answers to your inquiries, whatever you type, bam is there. The only thing that I'm missing from it, is the cache or "highlighted" feature that it had when you wanted to find where something was written in a website.

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