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Hi Folks,
Just wanted to share with you a hurrendous experience I have had with Pixmania recently. Basically, I was on the hunt for a new lense for my camera. I did tons of research and decided upon the specific model I wanted. Pixmania came out as one of the cheapest, so I went for it. Things started to go downhill from here.
5 days after placing the order I went on line to check my account. "still being packaged" apparently. Hmm.... ok so I waited a couple days more. "still being packaged". So I fired off an email and 24 hrs later I had a response telling me to check with Poland. Poland? Yes my item is coming from a third party in Poland. Ok, I have nothing against the Polish so I emailed them. No response. It turned up on day 11. Personally I think thats slow seeing as I paid a circa £15 postage fee. But I'll let this one go.

After my 11 day wait I keenly opened the box, and upon closer inspection I find that it is not exactly what I was expecting. I checked again. Unfortunately, it was a similar but significantly lesser quality model of the one ordered. It was basically like receiving a 3-series when I'd ordered and paid for a 5.
So I went back onto the website to check what I had ordered, Yes, the description looks like what I wanted, but what I was holding in my hand wasent.
Next thing, I called them up. The response I got was... eeerrmmm sorry but we dont deal with this.... you need to ring Poland. Crap, not Poland again. Ok, so I ring Poland.... "eerrrmmm Im sorry, our Pixmania employee is away and I no speak good english... you email instead?". So I typed out an email explaining the situation.
5 days later still no response. So I emailed Pixmania explaining situation. "The item description was correct - and we have passed it to our Head Office". Ummm no it wasent correct you arrogant person. 5 days later again I just posted it back to Poland at my cost. And am to this day hoping for the best.
Havent yet had my money back. And never did get a proper answer from Head Office. Currently £235 down. Ouch.

Basically, I dont need to get all childish and start swearing, but seriously what a pile of turd. Just avoid Pixmania they buy all their stuff in from Eastern Europe and half of its probably all fakes anyway. Dont get me wrong, the website is bargainous, but if you get any problems with your order like I did you are screwed. Pay the extra fiver and try amazon.


09 May 2012

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Thank you for your review. I am sorry that you have experienced problems contacting our on line PixPlace seller. When placing your order, you will see the seller of the item. If the product is sold by us it will state Pixmania or the name of one of our sellers if it is through them. For further information on the seller you will be able to find the details of this seller by clicking upon the seller’s name. If you have purchased from one of our online sellers, your inquiries will be directed to them.
If you are having problems contacting the seller, we will escalate your inquiry to our PixPlace department who will contact them on your behalf and ensure that they respond to you directly.
Please send your order details to me on so that I may forward your details and ensure that you are contacted with their return procedures for non-conform items.
Best Regards
Pixmania Mediator

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