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I am writing this review on the customer service I received in regards to this product. I am quite furious with NewEgg. This CPU was defective upon receiving it along with my motherboard. So I requested a RMA. After 2 weeks they had received the product and inspected it. NewEgg refused to grant me a RMA for the CPU. They said upon receiving the product it was severely damage and they were shipping it back to me denying my claim. So I called them up to inquire. I was on the phone for over a hour. NewEgg refused to do anything about it. They continually stated that I needed to contact the manufacturer. They told me that because the pins were broken they could not accept the product back. They told me that it was lose in the package when it was received. I know for a fact that it was not broken prior to leaving. I had it packed in all the original casing. Nothing was broken prior to it leaving my house and being shipped out.

I find it pretty sad how a company could pride themselves of customer service and then not live up to their expectations. To take it a step further, the message I received from NewEgg in my email, was another slap in the face. They accused me of improperly installing the CPU. How can you not only deny a claim, but then have the audacity to make such a statement. They said "might be due to improper installation". The fact that you even state that is very disrespectful. I spent over a hour on the phone with NewEgg and they said the same sentence at least 25 times. You must contact the manufacturer, we are unable to do anything. And that is not the worse part. Through my conversation with the manager, I got the sense that if I lied about how the product came to me. They probably would have been able to replace the part with broken pins. And the manager I spoke to hinted to that numerous times. I am an honest man, and I would never do something like that. It is morally unacceptable.

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