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I can't praise this company enough. I was on this occasion the awkward customer, I cancelled the items I ordered, amended the amount then had to cancel again due to not thinking about my cable routing. I did this a couple of times before buying what I'd originally ordered. Rich (who I emailed and called multiple times) had the patients of a saint and waited while I finally made my mind up. Once I'd finally committed to the items I wanted the order was dispatched. I'd bought speakers from them a few days prior, and the ordering process couldn't have been more quick and painless. Even if you can find the items you need elsewhere for a cheaper price (which I doubt you will) I would recommend using these guys instead, you won't have to wait for anything, and they'll help you out no end!

Interlink Express

Let down again by this usless company!

Having spent the day waiting in for a parcel to be delivered and checking the companies tracking page every half an hour, having not received a delivery slot time, I phoned interlink to find out what was going on with my delivery.

They told me that the company I had purchased my product from had not passed them the delivery and that I should contact them to find out why they hadn't sent it.

I phoned the company to ask why they hadn't sent my item, and I was told that it had been picked up and that they would phone interlink to find out what was going on.

I got a call back from the company (where I made my purchase) telling me that when she told interlink that they had picked it up the day before, they were then able to confirm this, and that I would now receive my package tomorrow!

Having read so many bad reviews about this company I doubt this will be the case at all! You would have thought that knowing how powerful word of mouth is, and that you can instantly see someone else's review on the internet that they'd stop feeding paying customers full of the same bull excuses and do the job they're being paid to do!

Just looking online now 2 hours after I spoke to them and my tracking is still saying "Awaiting receipt of parcel" what a usless bunch these people are!

18 September 2012

Reply from Interlink Express

Hi Dave,

Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Every parcel receiver that has a parcel delivered by us receives a one hour delivery window via SMS or email if we have their contact details. When you purchased the item, did you supply a mobile phone number or email address?

In terms of why the parcel was delayed, and why the tracking details did not update, could you please drop an email to socialmedia@interlinkexpress.com with the parcel reference number and a contact phone number, and I'll look into what happened.

Kind regards,


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