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Euro Car Parts

Sent incorrect parts and then refused to give a refund

I ordered a set of springs, discs and pads for my BMW the other week which I fitted myself. The springs and discs were fine but pads were completely the wrong ones. I found this out after I tried fitting then to the caliper and realised that the backing plate of the pad was 50% smaller than it should be. I emailed them explaining that they had sent the wrong pads. They emailed back

Good Morning, Thanks for your online enquiry. Unfortunately as you have fitted the parts and discarded the original box they will not be in re sellable condition so there is nothing I would be able to offer you for this. Sorry for any inconvenience. Regards [Name]

I emailed them back asking them how else I would know they were the wrong ones without trying to fit them to the car. They wrote back and basically said they can never guarantee that the parts they send can be correct when using the number plate recognition system to identify the car especially if it's the year there's a face lift change. I spoke to BMW who said there's no difference between my E46 calipers and the face lifted E90 calipers proving that the pads they sent were not even for a BMW.

In the end I bought a set of Textar pads from [Link] for half the price advertised on euro car parts and they were the correct ones.

I wouldn't trust ordering any parts for any of my cars from here. I would now only go to specialist professional parts suppliers who know what they're taking about and who don't con their customers.

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25 July 2013

Reply from Euro Car Parts Limited

Hi Simon, even though we have one of the most accurate parts catalogues in the market, there are still some parts that cannot be identified by the Registration Number alone. In these cases, we will display all the possible brakes for that particular vehicle to enable the customer to make the final selection from the 'Part Details' drop down box.

We also encourage our customers to compare their purchased parts with the items they are replacing before installation.

We do have a 28 day no quibble returns policy for all our parts. However, as Brake Pads are a safety critical item, if they have been fitted to the vehicle, then we cannot resell these to another customer.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused, and I give you my assurance that we will do all we can to deserve your custom in the future.


Never had a problem

I've ordered recently 3 large items from Amazon on 24 hour delivery using HDNL. All 3 items have arrived the next day before lunch time. One item was sent to my flat which is on a brand new estate and I normally always have to give the courier directions when they get onto the estate. However the HDNL driver found the flat no problem and even came to the front door of the flat instead of ringing the buzzer outside. The last item I had delivered was to my parents house just outside of Cambridge. It's on the high street and not that easy to find being that the houses arn't numbered. Again, the driver came at 11am with no problems. Looking at all the bad reviews maybe it's certain depots which are causing a majority of the problems. I can say that I have never had a problem with orders coming from their Ipswich or Hitchin depots. I've always received a good service from HDNL and hopefully it will stay that way as I buy a lot of bulky items from Amazon.


Awful customer service, order took almost a month to arrive

I bought my girlfriend a ring and a charm for Christmas last year. I bought the items two weeks before Christmas and even wrote to them to say that I would be happy to pay for a more expensive service to make sure it arrived in the UK on time. 10 days later it still said my order was in process and that it hadn't despatched. I sent them an email which they didn't reply to asking why the items hadn't been picked yet. 3 weeks later, still no order. By then I had written another 2 emails of which both were ignored. The items were delivered at the end of December, 3.5 weeks after I placed the order. I had written in total 6 emails and was just about the contact the European trading standards. I didn't receive one email back. Disgusting customer service. As much as my French girlfriend loves Agatha, I will never ever buy from this company again. Very unprofessional


Consistently excellent

I have been buying from for a few years now and have never had a problem. Every single item has got to me in good time. I've bought everything from flat screen tv's to slow cookers. A Fantastic shop. Full of bargains and amazing service. What more could you want


Received goods late, never replied to any emails

I bought a knife with an engraving for my friends birthday. I ordered it on Monday and paid for 1st class insured post thinking it should definitely get to me by Saturday ( The night of my friends birthday ) I received an automated email on the Thursday saying that it had been despatched. I waited in all day Saturday and it didn't arrive. I sent them a polite email asking for the tracking number so I could locate it. Got no reply. Monday and still no knife. I sent them another email as by this time I had seen all the reviews on here and started to get worried. Again, no reply. I received the knife today and find it highly unlikely that they despatched it on the day they said. I know Royal mail can be a bit iffy sometimes but I have never had to wait a week for 1st class insured. If they simply emailed me back with the tracking number and an apology I wouldn't have felt the need to come on here to warn other people. A lesson to learn - Never buy from a website which doesn't have a phone number to ring, and check this site for reviews first. I will never again buy from this site.

Personally, I think that they either hold very little stock or no stock. They take a load of peoples orders, take the money straight away and wait until they have enough money to place a big order with their supplier thus making it cheaper for them to buy ( I'm a purchaser for a chemical company, I know the in's and outs) . What other reason would it be why so so many people are having to wait weeks and months for their orders? Or they only send out the orders for people who complain and threaten legal action hoping there will be a percentage of people who don't complain so that they can keep their money without losing stock. I'm one of the lucky ones who received their order 10 days after placing the order ( Missing my friends birthday ) If you have any sense, don't risk placing an order with this company, only order from reputable companies who have a customer service department and a phone number.

For those people who have placed an order and received no goods and no replies to email I would suggest you start a claim through the small claims court. Swiss Tool are part of the Maybe Group Ltd which I've checked on companies house and it's all legit. Get the address off of companies house and start a claim. In their terms and conditions it states that they will respond to any query within 5 days. If you have waited more than 5 days for a response and still haven't received your goods by the specified time then they are in breach of their Ts&Cs giving you a strong case for the small claims court. You can then also claim back other costs such as recorded letters and your own time.

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