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what in the world has happened to this company???

In the past M&S used to be a safe, ever so slightly dull, seller of quality garments, and goods, which were still going strong even when you'd become tired of them. Now..... When they're good they're still excellent, but when they're bad.... Their quality control is all over the place, the sizing of garments erratic - sometimes they fit, sometimes they don't, one size 12 is completely different to another size 12, one long pair of trousers will be just that - long - and another - in a different style - will be nowhere near as long and flap above your husband's ankles. Will the quality be good as all M&S clothes used to be in the past, or will the material be ridiculously thin? Will the garments actually be in stock as it says on the web site, or will you receive an email the next day to say it isn't. Buying clothes online should never be a hit-or-miss affair but it has become so with M&S, so come on, M&S, get your act together!


Excellent, professional service

I ordered several items from this firm, and within the hour had an email telling me that two items were unfortunately out of stock so would I like to wait for a week for these items to be back in stock, and they would send everything together, or - if the particular items were required urgently - did I want to cancel that part of the order, and they would send everything else, or did I want them to send what they had now, and they would post off the other two items, at no extra cost to me, when they came in. As I did need those two items urgently I emailed back saying, cancel that part and send the rest please. Within another hour that part of my order was refunded, and the very next day all the oher items arrived in the post. That's the kind of service I used to get many years ago from businesses, when businesses cared about their customers, and were keen to help as much as possible, and which sadly is so lacking nowadays. I am truly impressed by this company, and would not hesitate to buy from them again, and to recommend to others.

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