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Worth the hassle?

I can't say I'm particularly fond of Virgin, the customer service is usually not good and they do tend to cock things up. That said, I haven't been able to find a comparably priced service for what I want, and once it's set up it's okay


If you haven't joined, then more fool you!

It doesn't matter who you are or what you want, this site will save you money, time and heartache. Everything from cheap everything to sorting out parking tickets and benefits. Don't waste time, look now, and sign up for the free weekly email. I've saved hundreds?


Wow! REAL customer service

I'm a first time customer at VioVet and was just getting some dog food because it's the cheapest James WellBeloved I could find. Once i had placed my order, I got an email which blew me away. It had all the usual bumpf but then also went on to say about 'what if it's damaged? What if I don't notice it's damaged till after the couriers gone?' and all that; so that, if there would have been any problem at all, I could have got a full refund or replacement order or anything I wanted. It was so helpful and informative I actually emailed them about it because I've never come across something like that that's been so explicit about how to follow through and everything. I also asked about delivery instructions, because on the citylink thing, you can't only type 15 characters or someone stupid like that, and they said, "don't worry, just tell us and we'll make sure it's sorted"
Obviously, my dog food came without any problems, but you never know.....

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