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Quick payment, and £1,000 more than that other lot!

I was dubious when these guys quoted me £1250 more for my car than and was fully expecting a fight when the valuer came round to survey my car. Much to my surprise, they paid me the full amount and the money was in my account within 15 minutes via CHAPS.

I can't recommend these guys enough - especially given some of the horror stories I've heard about some of the other companies doing the same thing!


5 star site, 1 star delivery service...

I LOVE Firebox, and would probably spend all my money there if I didn't need to eat, or pay a mortgage.

HOWEVER, they use CityLink as their courier, and as a result there is always a very real risk that anything I order will turn up late, broken or not at all. If they changed this one aspect of their business, it would be 5 stars all the way!


Don't expect any help from the delivery driver, or customer services...

Kiddicare's delivery service dumped our heavy delivery halfway up our garden and refused to help my wife carry it into the house. Upon contacting Kiddicare to complain about this, they proceeded to tell me that this was standard procedure, as the delivery drivers weren't insured to take it any further.

Good luck buying anything heavy from them if you've just had a baby - it'll be in the garden until you find someone to lift it inside for you!

City Link


I have never, ever had a delivery company fail to deliver as many packages as City Link do. Their drivers are rude, lazy and incompetent and their customer service is unhelpful and obtuse.

On uncountable occasions I have sat in waiting for deliveries from City Link only to have no-one turn up. EVERY TIME they claim to have tried to deliver and said that I was out. It is, put simply, a total lie. This company makes money out of claiming to deliver parcels and then making the "customer" travel 30 miles to their nearest depot to pick up the parcel themselves.

It has got to the point with this shambles of a company that I will make a point of avoiding my preferred online retailers (for example Amazon) if I know the goods are going to be dispatched via City Link.

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Just Eat

Getting better....

I originally left a 1 star review for Just Eat after the complete pig's ear they made of my first order, but I decided to give them another chance after they sent me a promo voucher and ordering from my local takeaway worked out cheaper because of the discount.

The meal turned up on time and there we no hassles. Maybe I was just unlucky first time round, and maybe they've sorted some of their technical problems. I hope so, because it's a really good idea for a site if it works like it's supposed to!


Best broadband in the UK

I've been through a lot of broadband providers during my time on the internet, but I can safely say that BE Broadband are the best of the lot.

I'm fortunate enough to live 300m from my exchange (which has been LLU'ed) so I enjoy a 22Mb connection, but even if this wasn't the case, I'd still be with BE as their technical support is second to none and their reliability is superb.

Look past the fact that their website looks like it was created by a monkey with Dreamweaver and have a look at the feedback they get on all the forums - they make companies like Virgin, BT and TalkTalk look like cowboys.


When is your money not your money?...

...When you use Paypal!

Paypal have reversed a load of payments into my account simply based on lies from people who have bought stuff from me on eBay. Because they NEVER side with the seller on any decision, it's simple to buy something on eBay then email Paypal and say you have a dispute. All you need to do is say "I didn't get it" and Paypal give you your money back, even if the seller has PROOF OF RECEIPT.

I will never, ever use Paypal again, and I strongly recommend no-one else does too.

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A great little site

Some of the biggest retailers in the UK have absolutely terrible eCommerce sites, but Pets At Home's online store is, in my opinon, excellent.

It's easy to use, has a huge choice of goods, and loads of information and product detail.

The only complaint I'd have about them is that I have found lots of items in their stores which, when I've gone online to buy, have been more expensive! Very frustrating, and it prevented me spending £350 with them on an aquarium.


Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

Five years ago, I sold loads of stuff on eBay and made good money. Two weeks ago, I sold 5 items of ~£50 value, and every one was bought by someone trying to con me... I've had fake Paypal payments, Recorded Delivery stuff "never delivered" despite being signed for and people making stupid claims for stuff not working but refusing to return it unless I give them money first.

Pointless waste of time - you might as well go to a Car Boot sale, or better still, chuck all your unwanted stuff in the rubbish - at least you'll save the cost of postage.


Good food, great service, big prices!

Ocado are certainly the best online supermarket I have ever used - very rarely do they substitute items (and when they do, you get plenty of notice) and their delivery timeslots are the most flexible of any company I have ever bought from. Their delivery drivers are friendly and their customer service is very helpful.

The only thing stopping me from giving 5 stars is the fact that they are more expensive than their competitors, though this is usually countered by a better quality of product.


Buy cheap, buy twice...

I'm always keen for a bargain, but I always make sure I'm paying less for a quality product. Argos seem to have gone to the other extreme, offering the cheapest, shoddiest goods in an attempt to always be cheapest. Ten years ago or so, I was more than happy to shop there, now I don't even consider them for any purchases.

For example, I bought a £9.99 lawn mower from Argos as had FOUR replacements in the space of 48 hours as they all broke, or never even worked first time. Never again!

Also, their stores used to be quite nice, clean, quiet places, but they seemed to have turned into grubby indoor markets covered in tatty products and ignorant staff.

Always the first place to go, and the last place I look.

Every order I have placed with in the last 8 years has arrived on time, and in excellent condition. They're always competetive on price and often have exclusives on games and movies I want to buy.

They've got a bit of stick recently in the press, but I have never had a problem, and will continue to shop with them until I do!

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